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That type of arrogance is that type of attitude that they have towards black people that got us in this mess. How was it that. Two or three press conferences go. We were to- cameras were hung and last press conference represented from amazon said. We're getting to the cameras together. Is that are those. The words and actions so a international multi billion dollar corporation. That's really concerned about black folks and nooses. Being hung and workers being intimidated back in the day newsworld hung as a message to not get involved in politics or to not vote to not be shown not to show up at certain meetings. Nooses were hung. So that's what's happening today. That news was hung as a message. Don't go into that trailer. Don't speak to them aa. Cpi this is the culture. And it's gonna stand. that was. That was the message from whoever hoping that news again. jeff bezos. that's important.

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