Brock Obama, Pope Francis discussed on The Steve Deace Show


Repent and be baptized that's there's nothing about sinful repentance nothing it's hoping shave man i have i could've done the exact same trailer changed nothing out except brock obama for pope francis and i wouldn't have had to change anything else brock obama's said everything else brock obama should be pope a hell no okay i would agree that's a problem and see that's that's where you know in the end you are the hills you're willing to die on as a person and you will test your testimony will testify to that why am i talking so much about testimony because i i think it's important for us trust me this is going somewhere in a minute i think it is or if you i think it is important for us to constantly check our own spirits to not so overvalued testimony that we forget orthodoxy and then to not so overvalue orthodoxy that we leave people behind and there has to be that balance all the time that's why there's wisdom in a multitude of council that's why we don't give up meeting together that's why if you're someone who's very logically intellectually driven there's plenty in the bible for you and if you're someone who's very relational and mercy driven there's plenty in the bible for you because you and in both aspects you are the image bearer of god and he has all those things most of us tend to be lean more one way or the other knows were made that way it's nurture nature maybe a little bit of both but most of us tend to tend to favor one aspect of our of our theology the relational or the orthodox more than the other and then we have to remember and remind ourselves that there's a holistic view here we need to compensate for that lest we start pigeonholing people the way we see things and not necessarily the way crises thanks.

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