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This drive in the second team all American right tackle jet Rick wills junior get called a couple of penalties against the most penalized team of the SEC this year and I think part of the reason why is that there's so much going on mentally don brown in Michigan there taxing this office of wine mentally trying to communicate trying to think about okay is that guy it is a defensive lineman or a linebacker down in twenty now back at a forty five yard line money shot the next change it back in his right hip energy here is two receivers to the life saving one life Michigan's twentieth single client here's the sample to twist the plane left side past middle for still makes a radically create powers his way up the left sideline it's not down to forty four of Michigan by Josh Mattel is the safety course can't since October the twenty six for middle Forrestal returnable voicebox injury against Arkansas today still well short aligned to gain the point you that will come out for IBM and it was actually really nice catch Adam you know he's running from his right to left falls way behind it a nice catch a nice run after the catch now it's up to this point team to try to here in Michigan he tried to get this ball inside the ten yard line my career planning waited Donovan people's Jones is back light footed blue end over end take over people's Jones bounces at the three don't worry if our friend Pat McAfee were here you would say that is good for the brand what a point by perdieron Cedar Point special teams is playing a major role in the field position battle between these two teams and all set up on that third and super long getting ten to twelve yards on that completion set up that policy now sets up the defense with the ball inside the five yard line trying to stop Shea Patterson company three forty four remaining in the third quarter Alabama twenty one Michigan sixteen Patterson is in the shot gun about a yard deep in the end zone to all right gonna back on his left hip and assign Haskins the receiver spreadable a snap doctor has been sort of blind space between the houses leads surges ahead past the first wave of the Alabama defense and a good push and run up to about the nine yard line at all set up Michigan with some much needed cushion second down coming up and that seems to be the formation of choice on this one is drive the two tight ends of the tide in the full back in a week right next to the right tack on both wide receivers on the other side in the slot second in five years the staff to the gun hand up again that has the tables off the light side has market power his way to the eleven yard line in a driven back by a slew of Alabama red jerseys was set up third down and inside of for yards here great crowd on hand as we talked about awesome atmosphere of the attendance for this game fifty nine thousand seven hundred and forty six brought to us by vivid seats double the vivid seats happen it's a promo code yes be a twenty five at checkout to get ten percent off your next order will buy just any see get a vivid see another shot Goodman Haskins on his left hip what's formation of the left with the receivers one hi CAP chastised the once we pull the flight left side it's not it's not my house is close down and more plus the fifteen to twenty six of the twenty five and one of the trees down on the bones of the new one sidelight with thirty a nineteen your gate were Hassan Haskins before Christian Heris rental a snap play looks to me like what you see the Los Angeles rams do they can dance the formation everybody in sight and then real quick run your tail back to the flat that's how it gets free version Harris can't get through all the traffic was down it's an approaching the two minute mark of the third quarter Michigan trails by five on a shot gun here's the snap makes the hand out the show but a practical Patterson looking like nothing there takes off up the middle he goes up to the thirty to the thirty five year left sideline Simmons's way again Xavier McKinney into the Michigan Benton out of bounds well the forty nine yard line or so excellent one by she Patterson bill mark about of the thirty eight sixty two yards shy the line to gain a lot happened there Donovan people's jobs going to be wide open but the safety maybe makes a great play by the senior to cover lady Jaye Patterson realize that late run flown scrambles up the field there with a nice little baby step farm second into another shot good again so today on his right hip to receive the spread right laughs takes the stand needs of seven eight not a word is a straight up we got across the forties got the force down a forty one yard line tumble down my couple of Crimson Tide including foot area map this the best thing that Michigan is doing right now is just holding on to the football gas rolling the clock Michigan's defense is not on the field twice we've heard Molly report on this Alabama defense being on the field a long time another long series of plays winding it up the middle for this Michigan office who's been sent from the old forty one other shopping Isabel Tice now we cannot this survey or does it pass deep right side numbers in its incomplete Palade bell just beyond his reach going up against the hybrid defensive back shot him Carter in completed its second down and said you have really good coverage by Carter looks like a four wide receivers sent there really Alabama just had everybody on lockdown he would take in a perfect world it's actually pretty good coverage they say it's a game of inches I really don't know if that ball going to fit in anywhere order a senior from Louisiana out of the gun on second down in San Patterson with a back on his right hip and sharpen a three receiver set one hi CAP a flag a small commuter Sellafield a false start against the Wolverines this time full sorry were for offense five yard penalty still second down when Jim Harbaugh was on the field yeah and I use upset and he's right that that that costs you go against Patrick's or ten the corner he stepped into the neutral zone to cause Niko.

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