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I told you all the fiends stalking his ass. Yeah i still don't understand that there. And i like the phoenix alexa bliss. But why the title. And it makes sense randy orton. She's not working their way back around again. This title on them. I just i don't get for who to get it off the fiend the fiend get. I don't know who's going to get an awful because again at this point. That's what the fiend is. Four right the feed has been to hold the title so someone can take it off of him and look incredible. There's no way you can look cruel. Roman reigns it made for pretty good comeback from and even then it was like a running beating the hell out of people and those a triple threat. Not man this. Nobody's gonna look incredible in this. They are just determined to do something with this character. No matter how bad they fuck it up i liked the phoenix. He's he's called. He's great when they're going to put him bliss him and alexa bliss. I thought i had something really good something you could build in. Non title feuds yea. Well that's not what we're going here. We're going to get another title match at some point here. Maybe they just think he sells a lot of merch. I don't understand Lastly for semi's going to be good callback match the air. It knows champions. That's going to be fun again. Main title is going to be fun. You touch on tag titles. That's gonna be good. Sasha could be unless us lose advantages. This is so weird. Oh gosh could lose bailey. Because again she loses in month every time you yoshi could lose again in a month then have to go through the rumble. But see. they've they've blown. This feud already. I don't know that's a pretty built in storyline but no tenuously loses every time in a week. No start a story that they tell they. Don't tell us that. Sasha can't hang onto the title that's what bigly cut a promo about last week. Yeah they don't if they've already blown their load on how we got to this right now. If you want to drag it out again till wrestlemainia stocking to have the same juice behind it because you a match would have to be better you would have to be a ladder match and they would have to get hell in the cell. It doesn't get any better. No fuel no few goes above. Helena sell none now that it's just a pay per view gimmick i so okay we'll be back in the day it had more to what's blow off match now. How could a ladder match be more dangerous than hell match. Oh you gotta go. Tlc mattress on because you you get high spots not dangerous but the tlc. Of course you put some distance between it but it still gives you a match that can compare to the stakes that it had at because you just can't have a plane matched by plane match isn't gonna do it man. They're not. they're not if they do do this. They've already ruined it. They fucked this up. They fuck this up. The helmets nomads could have been done in wrestlemainia. They fuck this up. I agree but if you give me a tlc match between them at wrestlemainia a it's going to be very jealous november fifth. We're not getting billion. Sasha wrestlemainia okay. I'm okay if we don't listen. Also sausages holds the belt and the belt. Listen man why didn't ricochet and then now sasha. I'm just telling you to do to me here. I'm just telling you this is going to be champion. I hope so. I hope so. But if so the match i would like to see. Sasha and bianca billionaire to black women greed. But i don't think it should win the rumble. Don't know if they're gonna go that route. But i feel charlotte's coming back and charlotte wins the rumble to challenge. Go either aseel back to back rumble. Winner he'll be back like i don't know but back rumble winner charlotte flare. It's better if listen strong. It's going to be against oscar. That's just the matchup but it'd be better. If they use the elimination chamber to do that going back to back royal rumbles kind of had on a hat. I mean but charlie wears them all so she. She's the giant. charlie wanted decision. She's going she every accolade. She's gotta get yup and every record it's going to be crazy. So yeah. I think that's the way we're going. That's the main roster lot of pro wrestling this weekend next week. We'll be back with pro wrestling. We're gonna actually kick off the first show next week pro wrestling recapping a w that pay per view talking about everything going into the next week and then we'll touch on 'em am boxing later down the road of during the week so it's actually going back to back pro wrestling episodes so that is going to be fun. Plus we have some very fun announcements about to come to light. That will talk about more on the next as well so we appreciate you guys listening to this against a safe. Don't spend all your time watching the election results. 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