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I think you will. I think so. I think that's what they're hoping for. And for my conversations with them, I think either it's a pretty decent percent chance that he will be back at some point. During the finals. Now, I don't know if there could be setbacks, I guess, or maybe just doesn't feel quite right, but yeah, I think I'll be back and that'll be a big cog in the wheel because he's really good defensively and he can really make those guys work. He can make Brown work and make him work a little bit. And he doesn't got to give you a ton of minutes, 15 minutes is good enough to get in there and just be a pass. And he really runs his butt off too. Fast break. They're always in fast break mode when he's in there. Because he can really go and he runs the court really hard. So I would think that he'll be back. I think they're planning on him being back. Things change, but yeah, I would hope so. It'd be good to see him back too for a guy that's had to go through this stuff. He has a 29 years of age to miss the playoffs or after the Memphis series for that second game. Second game, I believe, first game. Was a bummer. I felt bad for him. I was like, ah, dang. It was one chance. He's getting a chance to play, to be in the playoffs experience this. And then to go out, but he would have come back for the finals against his Celtics. That'd be pretty sweet. Tom Talbot few minutes left with him right here on the rich eisen show. Do you like the Jimmy Butler shot at the end of game 7? Down to 17 seconds to go. It's a three. It's in transition, Horford's backing up. Did you like it? Yeah, I did. I mean, he's not a great three point shooter. That's the only kind of drawback. He's not a great three point shooter. Although he has been shooting him better the last two, three games. He's making a few of them. So I didn't mind it. I know what people are thinking. He could attack corporate, go to the rim. Yeah, I mean, I get it. You could also go to the room and get your shot blocked. You could also take another dribble and double off your foot. I mean, a lot of things that could happen. He knew right then, he was going to get a clean look at a three pointer. And I think to be honest, they were just, they were fatigued. I think they were spent. And I don't know if it entered his mind, but maybe he just thought, let's go for it. Let's try to get this over with and see if we can take the lead here because we don't have enough gas for overtime because that was like a war of attrition, both those teams are limping to the finish line and I'm not sure if Miami had enough to get to the finish line if they had to add 5 more minutes to the race. So yeah, I didn't mind that shot. I mean, this is wide open shot transition, great look. Nah, I had no problem with that shot. So the minute that front rims and then the Celtics win and Steve Kerr and the staff start grinding tape on the Celtics, what do you think they're seeing that concerns them the most for this matchup, Tom? A lot of big athletic bodies that can really defend the Boston Celtics are unlike most teams in that. There is not one person you could find. In that starting lineup, that you could pick out and try to go at defensively. I mean, these guys are really, really good, smart, Brown, Tatum, corporate Williams. I mean, they can all defend. And they can all switch off if they have to. And they can all stay in front of players. They all have length. They can all get into you and be physical. So they're really, I mean, that's the best defensive team in the league. And the numbers prove it. And they were by far and away the best defensive team in the league after the first of the year. So it's going to be, it can be tough, but the warriors have a great defense too. Everybody two best defensive teams in the league. So points might be at a premium in this series. The words I think have a little more just a little more diversity offensively. And maybe a little more firepower offensively than the sales. But it's going to be, I think it's a coin flip. It really do. I think it's going to be a great series. It was kind of hoping for this one. Just because it's a Celtics, as the most championships in NBA history and I just, I grew up on selfish Lakers. Solve this in the finals is like kind of a cool cool thing and the fact that the warriors get to face them. Not sure if the coaches feel the same way. They were like, I'm like, yeah, I'm gonna score on these guys. They held them to 32 points at home earlier this year. 32, the warriors, Adam, and they just suffocated. And they couldn't do anything against them. And then the second half step got hurt at the end of the first half and they ended up losing, but I mean, they're good. I mean, I'm excited about this finals. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, tactically speaking, athletically speaking, Brown and Tatum are studs and smart is smart, it's basically draymond green. It was 6 four grand on green is what he is. He plays a different position, but he's super smart, super physical, knows what he's doing out there, defensively. So yeah, I'm excited. I can't wait. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. And I think you're going to be close games, tight games, maybe not super high scoring, but should be a fun series. Although draymond plays the point sometimes too, so. Horford's in the game who does what you put loony on him and we're going to see draymond on Tatum sometimes. I mean, what do you see? What.

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