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No finally got it. So we'll we'll we'll get all. Joseph plugged in down near that. Joe at drop the armor and a are mor rex. You already know right. yeah joking. Dot com amazing amazing. Yeah we'll get we'll get all that stuff plugged in aching biggest citing you know kinda kinda kinda working on or any fear that you're currently working through yourself Yeah so yeah absolutely. I mean there's no question about that There are some big fear is going on in my life. There's things working on this able i. I'm taking april off of social media. this was probably the last thing i would even consider doing that. I call this building. I'm serving the clients that i have right now in my You know. I got a couple of talking to you about joining my work. But otherwise actually taken breeder. And i'm looking at like. How do i wanna frame the next step in my work when i want to create going lower and i'm i'm afraid i'm afraid of losing the momentum sprayed of trajectory afraid of the social media algorithms forgetting about me and all that stuff but i just decided it was time. Do it my partner. I've got a place out west. Virginia so now have retreat space. I go into the woods. I could just be. I can work on deeper levels of creation rather than the daily grind creation. I'm excited about excited about building my life partner natalie. Run our two years in getting closer and closer to buckling down to create that family. Could.

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