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Events like Summer fest can happen this year. A big part of the music critic Peter Levy is the big big delays. It's 2021 bash until September. Levi says performer availability in the way of the pandemic. And we'll decide if festivals can still happen Last year, there were artists did concerts. Still, that got major backlash when there were mass gatherings and people weren't socially distances? Summerfest move coming the same day country, Thunder says they were go for a four day July event like pretty ambitious. I think we're seeing a lot of festivals move on to September and later and we'll see if countries under can pull it off in the woods. WTMJ news. Less means more. That's the strategy Harley Davidson is implementing as it starts 2021, the iconic Milwaukee companies sharing more details about its new hardwire plan. Bike writer dot coms. Mark Gardner tells WTMJ, the company wants to make fewer motorcycles, footprint in Milwaukee, and the local economy is gonna be inevitably probably be a little bit smaller. But I think the brand itself will remain very popular. Carter says Hartley's goal is to make bikes that our overall more desirable battle is going on in Congress over what to do about Republican Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who supported calls for violence against Democrats, Green, an ardent supporter of former president Trump has been condemned on both sides of the aisle for supporting unfounded conspiracy theories. And online calls for violence against Democrats before she was elected. House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer says that body will vote tomorrow on a resolution to remove green from our committee assignments. Republicans are deciding whether to discipline green and number three House Republican Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump. Allison Keyes. CBS NEWS Washington, Citing unlimited wtmj news time, 4 34. Tragedy in Florida, where two FBI special agents were shot and killed while executing a search warrant. Other agents were.

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