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And. Danny murphy. Baseball fans who really know the game would go contact hitters. Murphy. Can play second as a little bit of. I Bradley the outfit. You know, you start thinking. Okay. But the non fan who doesn't really know the Yankees all that. Well, who goes to the games because it's the keys. They'll be like. Well, what happened? You know, who these guys Danny Murphy might remember from the Mets, but. I don't know who Branly is. Why aren't we? But Chato and or Harper makes people want to come. That's that buzzer. So there's no buzz Murphy is a good player. Brandon. That's that's a different. That's that's an interest. That's not buzz them superstar coming in town. Let's go to j in Brooklyn Jay on the fan. Hey, hey, hey, happy new year. Thank you. Same to you. What's going on? Why can't the Yankees signed Walker again second base Harper? Because the money they make once because the odor coaching contract. They get a who wants to play with the surplus feels. I mean, I feel like three four three and a half million four nine. The fans of either I still think I wonder if all it is now is Machado and another pitcher, and that's it. No. It'll make sense. Sign. Hop of Kushtia put Ghana on defensive. We put STAN little. Let's say oh. Opera in the right field W guy dynamite. Where's judge going? Mean judge a lot then. He'll play centerfield. So well. Up. That's see first of all it's a lot of money. Harpers hundred billion and standards there. And judge eventually you'll be there. And what about D when he comes back if he plays? Well, it was a free agent. I mean, I don't know he's not one hundred million dollars with him. But I think it's it's it's too much power again. It's too much guys. It could hit home runs is too much guys that can. Scare the opponent. But they don't have that scary pitcher. So they break the home run record. But I don't know where. Get some in the post season. Now, they're gonna postseason hitting home runs, a lovely. Oh, yeah. They'll they'll win. But there's no guarantee. And if you did and and Harper how many will wins that give you? We talk talking one hundred and twenty or ninety eight eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six baseball. We come back after this. Watch tonight..

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