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Toledo Ohio Thursday night and fox's mad fans says he touched on plenty of topics with one notable exception president trump did not mention anything about that Ukrainian plane now reported to have been shot down by a wrong until Iran's general because some stolen money the president said by killing so money he prevented another Benghazi like attack but the house is looking to limit the president's ability to take more action against Iran and approved war powers resolution to do just that speaker Nancy Pelosi with a message for the president to have a responsibility to consult with Congress Republican leaders are saying the resolution is just for show Chicago officials are on the hunt looking for coyotes after one reportedly attacked a six year old boy that child did not suffer life threatening injuries fox news hello Americans I'm Todd Starnes with news and commentary maxed my name is doctor interface which and I teach microbiology calling university and so instead of trying to teach biology from this perspective that gives you this new version of evolution you get this perspective of this is who god is this is who god has revealed himself to be and he's revealed himself in nature which is terribly exciting to study hi Todd Starnes here true it offers biblically center degree programs check out true it not eating you slash Starnes remember when Maxine waters told an angry crowd to get in the face of trump supporters to absolutely harass them and the shopping malls a grocery stores well it turns out one of those anti drug dogs picked the wrong gun toting Bible cling in deplorable to Bali this story from the citizens voice newspaper in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania some lunatic comes up to a trump guy wearing a mac I had told the fellow to take the hand off and when the trunk I refused the other guys smacked back at office at at that point the trump supporter calmly pulled out a gun and let's just say the situation de escalated rather quickly the police chief says the trump supporter was in fact a law abiding gun owner with the concealed carry permit and once the attackers all the weapon he took off like an Olympic runner by the way we have a great new podcast posted on the website it's a free download available right now at Todd Starnes dot com hello Wichita this is Michael savage inviting to set your clocks the eight PM for the savage nation right here on K. N. S. S. this is Wichita's number one ninety seven and thirteen thirty AM as an thank you you're listening to coast to coast AM with George Noory well as we creep along the ninety one thousand members of paranormal date dot com it's eight hundred and six people the girl that is at eight hundred and sex free to sign up give it a try hope you meet somebody.

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