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Kristen Howard, tan or writer psychotherapist, and you're listening to selfie a weekly podcast about two women trying to tackle better self-care. We're both the opinion that self-care is important. And yet we find it allusive. And while we may have all the info we need. We don't always get there from the silly to the serious. We are taking a vulnerable yet. Humorous look at body mind and spirit, and maybe a touch of the random all my looking at the distractions and defenses EPS from carrying I like shit. Hey, everyone. Welcome to this week's episode. We're going to be talking about hang Zayed's today. Which if you're unfamiliar is the feeling of anxiousness or kind of dread the day after one drinks alcohol, and you guys it's a thing. Well, it's a thing that there's you know, more and more is being written on this. Aims to a real new area of research and interest. And just this idea that drinking can really increase your anxiety. Both in the short term like having a night where you overdo it and in the long term. So we're gonna talk about that in a minute. We're going to do it. But we gotta do an update. I mean, I haven't spoken to you. Kristen since before the holidays, I know it's so true. We have not we have not talked to each other at all. I mean, you went to Japan, you were just an Austin. So I mean, you're just gonna have to give me all the scoop. I will. Well, yes, I took my children to Tokyo. Which was it was amazing. It was a really good trip. But it was really hard. You know, like I feel like there are some trips that our vacations, and that's where you maybe you're sitting on a beach or you're having happy hours in my ties. I know right. And then there's trips that are travel, and those trips are, you know, you are hitting the sights every day, you're in a new city like your, you know, or a new area, and you're trying to fit things in. And that's really what this trip was. It was travel. It was we only really had four and a half days, which is crazy because that I would imagine that we'll just fly by there's so many things you wanna see when you're in Japan it did fly by but I have to say this. I had a lot of people be like that's not enough time. Or like, that's, you know, why would you even do that? And right like I'm here in defense of the short trip. Because first of all, especially to a city, like Tokyo rights insanely crowded. You know, I mean, it's heavily densely populated everywhere that we wanted to see in the city of Tokyo now, this is not true of all of Japan. But in Tokyo, where we were, you know, everything was overcrowded, and the I mean, even walking down certain streets, like Karadzic who street just was crazy. And so I feel like four and a half days was about all we can handle without like losing our crap on each other. Oh, totally. Yeah. No. And and our sleep was rough because we were all in one hotel room. So, you know, the first person awake kinda wakes up. Everybody know. Yeah, you're getting the lowest common denominator of sleep of all five people, and we all have jet lag. So we're all waking up in the middle of the night or waking up type. So we were sleep deprived. And it was crowded now all that to say it was a great trip. But I. Think we saw. I mean, you know, me I'm three I researched Tokyo. I knew exactly what I wanted to see. Right. And we were able to see everything that I wanted to see in those four days. Okay. That's totally promising. Yeah. Now, granted I I had everything lined up by neighborhood and subway style of Cornell was she did I was taskmaster. I was like, okay. We're doing this in the morning, then we have time for a very short nap. Then we're doing this in the evening, you know, Iran US, pretty hard. Yeah. But it was really enjoyable. I I enjoyed Tokyo. It's not a city I would have chosen..

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