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On my Twitter's less harness is going to be on Rachel Maddow show tonight on MSNBC at nine o'clock that's going to be interesting I'm actually surprised by this I'm not a surprise lawyer would allow this I'm that because really lawyers I mean I remember they were off for associates of Rudy Giuliani who have been indicted by the federal government the Ukrainians lead harness I told you I met at rush view in sheepshead bay at the miss USA grandma contest in which you remember remember the guy who everybody loved him he loved him remembering right now she says she gave me Hollywood star singer he was a Hollywood star politician yes yes he was either in the Munsters or grandpa yeah which yes who love the mop including the Russian mob you hated me he said to the big Russian mobsters who were there doing security get this guy out here I'm leaving and they want to him that does really because he's an ally of this at the time he was alive me they wanted out there so you won't have to leave as to who's going forced me to and that's what a guy named left Linus came up and started to sort and go she ate with them about how you don't want to set the scene up you got family see because remember Russians they go out to nightclubs late at night with the whole family grandmothers grandfathers children grandchildren it's a whole different experience in Connecticut and really good stuff too and they had a black guy up singing in Russian he was the lead performer so you it was bizarre I mean you but this was many years ago right any yes yes so you why it does that not surprise you that he would then put himself up to be on Rachel Maddow show because this is his way out of this mess he knows it's a mess a hot mess so him and their three others who were not tagging along with him on this I mean talk about this even Jeffrey of scenes in was in a bad situation this guide I don't know it's got a got a target on his back but you know the thing is that this is probably why he is speaking out because he probably does have a target on his back but the thing is he's got all the treasures of information it's already out there so we are we're already going to know well speaking of a treasure trove of information we had a deal when it came to bridge gate and especially involvement that will help Chris Christie the only thing that kept him from being implicated direct instead of all having to take the rap for him his cell phone is it turning up was a guy you might know okay waste.

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