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Own Hand is our Doto Symbol G and I'm yon in the news Shaw keep back and Nash Clears Man I hope he narrates his whole life in great all day yeah can you imagine Anita Alvarez screaming fans Dax means is there's always something to do even if it's just hanging out with the baby it's not like activities there's always kind of somebody there that you're hanging out with it so it sort of fills your days but here's what they don't tell you what I wish people would tell you your baby will get up especially in the first four weeks or whatever there's going to be a lot of time rich blom quest and Kristen Schaal were like it's like camping that keeps that one you do whatever you want but I find it helpful okay you and your wife going to be up in the middle of the night multiple times and if you go like this is like camping changes how you perceive it rather than like oh I have to wake up then sure yes like this thing that we get to do nine months for having you know when you're camping you might wake up because I'm als- outside your ten right and it's like I've talked to speak that's only if you did mushrooms campaign the House August podcasts yeah the other thing they don't tell you is when you get up yes it interrupts your sleep but you're in line of yeah so they don't tell you to most people they hear a baby like on an airplane we love our baby lose her shit a little bit on an airplane pretty great but she'll cry you don't hear at the same way no I'm not saying it's music like pleasant but there's so much information in your baby's cry you're like the sizing it you're like does she need how does she just need to be out is this you need a little lock tired here you hear all the stuff so it's different Sir and it's the same way for relationship things like sometimes I find myself telling stories about my wife going Oh wow if I wasn't outside perspective hearing this story I think it was lame or like wow that's cheap your pussy whipped or whatever and I don't know I like this yeah that's right this myself how lame our life is like we went to we're talking about show Biz things we went to a fund Premiere Party and we laughed to come home and watch succession I think we can round wagon and really tackles from are you watching this okay it's good now I need to we just for the KP and really he always says something kind of hip hop to he's trying to young guys talking to kind of you know killer Instinct great second album in I'm sorry interrupted you bro it's fine get the thing that people are telling me that I'm trying to do it to warn me there turned tell me that thing that like oh you're never gonna go out now your life it's GonNa Change you're never going to go out now I'm just like I have a bit about that Oh yeah I I'm not saying you can't do that okay because I feel like this might be a bit for you and I want you to have in searching for it said when we had a dog that was a great excuse to not go out but yeah we're like we can't you have a one woman show I wish our babysitter is dead we're going to funeral I wish we could be there because they don't WanNa go out and then the second part of the bid is people shouldn't say go out now when your wife is pregnant fucked up movies now because like us is off the menu after you have a baby yeah you don't want to watch a movie about four d'appel hangers breaking into your home and stealing your children no we're just like Oh yeah that's for other people yeah that's not fair yeah and I've already started like crying at things the impression mood apparently like cried it Indiana Jones in the last crusade I watched it again yeah and the ending with the dad makes me cry now and it's like Oh because now I get it Brad even before the show even for my daughter's born yeah Indiana what's the dog's name listen that is one of the great benefits is you see and feel so much more yeah and your heart opens much more and there's a real I don't want to sound too evangelical meaning trying to get people to have kids I sure most comedians go ahead and stick to the three am twix I need you as a pair Duncan trussell I heard him say recently we need comedians to be wild because it's like going to the zoo you go and see like wild the people and that's great so not everybody needs to like kind of merge in the words of Lorne michaels everyone loves the monkeys I love that yeah that's wonderful when he says that everyone goes to see the monkeys when when you go to the zoo and yeah you would not like it unfiltered if you went to see the monkeys and the and the I think on the couch watching Netflix you you want them monkeying Iran yeah throwing their pool and each other you want really help me understand when I do no matter how like tranquil feelings and or calm when I get onstage I want to get in touch with the party that's bothered Sebastian to be bothered that's fine the monkeys yes it's funded that part of you that part of you well done yeah and it's good and it's healthy 'cause you get that out and thankfully we have the opportunity to get that out in an environment that supports that yes it's controlled offstage most nights and now what is everyone else doing this is why there's a weird guy at the office it's still saying fucked up he needs to find a better outlet yes I don't know what it is AH I don't know what it was Poker Games I don't know it would be nice if we weren't fucked up but everybody is a little bit and we have this wonderful way to let out some of our Weirdos thoughts even if they're just they'll read this joke I love it I go you ever have to poop so bad. Up Second most people I my mom can't just say that at shirt no I mean I don't WanNa know what would happen if she did I know she'll be a weird way the talk of the town anyway I'm saying not every comedian needs to have a baby correct obviously but I do see there's a risk in the comedy world and show business and role to become what I would call vampire Nocera to you live in a castle you have no one you love right and it doesn't have to be kids or wife or husband family I'm just talking about like let's keep friends in our lives yes let's have rituals like Garry shandling is a great example he didn't have a wife he didn't have kids but he had a regular fucking basketball Aschenbach any mentor this saying don't if you just come down the hill do a set and go back and just I don't know that's like a myth it's you're a mythic I it's funny some love Neal Brennan was on stage at the store the other night talking about like he doesn't understand why people get married why people have kids like he doesn't get it Ron funches followed him and went Neil you need some love in your life at its Hilar- you need someone to love you that is so we need to wake up and look and be like everything's okay areas it was so great to hear that because I was going on after Ron and all my stuff is now new baby trade oh I will say watch that J. Larson go up that's too much acid he went for me and he did a whole routine about how dads are the best and I have a whole routine about how dads are worse and like I just needed to listen the J. got off stage and I was that bit didn't work as well and they were like you had j. did like fifteen minutes about dads are the best and then I got up was like they smell like original listerine I falling off a ladder it's so funny say that when one of the biggest bombs ever saw was I did a show one time and I just got back from doing a USO tour and there was a guy who was actually coming to see my show that was that saw me on a previous USO tour in like he made it back and oh he's good and like so I did all the soldier material and it was very raw raw very patriotic and support the troops and then the next Omic did not watch me goes on stage and this is like right in the middle of like Iraq Afghanistan war Iraq part two and he is like at fucking troops up and starts going into it he got booed and threw shit at and he ran off where us you don't want to details yeah it was here yeah it was in la it was an al-Qaeda America I'll say the club it was at the Ontario Improv. Okay and then he came off like what the fuck happened that bit always does well and I'm like did you not see me and the soldier has the moment in any went onstage and shot on the whole thing you talk to the soldier yes audience knew there was Zola's in like the biggest bomb can I tell you where was I was in Arizona and there was a guy I wasn't doing well because it was Arizona come on Arizona I had one rough show in Arizona and doing what my dad does so I go Arizona's not a good place blanket statement ten years ago anyway and I there was a guy with sunglasses in the club and I go I think I just I'm not that much of an asshole on sage I'm just like a cool guy wearing sunglasses I know where this going not as if he was waiting for it what do you call it he picked up his cane and let it assemble shake right does a little drink sixty line he he had a prop and he was ready and he had the t and he had the move all planned out like this is why I do any second please set me near the front I need room for my Wingspan Yeah I've got I've a bit put me on the aisle that happened to you some similar thing with the blind is I saw someone in front rows sunglasses may made a joke look down saw the dog and was like well he's got a dog this guy fucking club Aab sorry is this your emotional support view Pisa crab I know I use it to move warmer yeah that isn't on your wikipedia uh-huh It said that you you were made fun of by Mencia yes kind of how you got into this into this mess I was nineteen years old I took my dad to see Mencia for father's Day weekend at the Bray Improv in so that would be sixteen years ago and do some in two thousand three I'm GonNa put a pin in the story sure you're like close with your dad like Ari I'm on my I'm on my dad tip yeah very my dad cried while summarize the movie deer hunter to me you go and he points the gun at the DP it was actually very sweet can't pull the trigger Tin Euro but then he also thought the movie was about loyalty and country and I was like isn't it about losing your mind that's war right okay about country you know and that's that's a perfect metaphor for how people interpret Fox News Buddy Dad and I'm not I really do love my dad I'm not saying that as a caveat to say whatever I Want I love my dad and he is such a good example of how none of us myself included z anything we just see what we project onto it yes so he watched a movie that I think a lot I'm not an expert in the deer hunter but it seems to be like a haunting critique of Vietnam War yeah and he's like when your country calls I almost went entry needs you you you.

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