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The whole the whole basis of a was feel sorry for the boss but cubby was on the books apparently could be put cornered artem congress teammates earlier on the week in the fighters hotel could be team cornered poor alert him on connor had seen this video and try to punk yeah the corner i didn't know that connor connor went north south wasn't in america no no win today strictly be to do that's day this going to change his whole thought about it now if i'm one hundred millionaire and i got cake hundred million dollars is cake forever and ever amen my whole family in i see somebody trying to punk my friend i'm hop off my yacht on a private plane show up invade the building like dx did he invaded voting like the nitro and then i'm just gonna i'm gonna try to hurt a guy who's on a bus i mean i think i want him throwing the guard real i was like this is like a wrestling work right here this sane yeah you almost have to respect the loyalty to his boy who got corners loyalty issue is we got three fights canceled on the card now because free yeah when learned along so so when he turned him through the window glass shattered into rape board and michael is and both of them are now off the card by the way as as well as artem because he is mcgregor doing this those was nearly injured to she was but she's she's good she's.

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