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I don't know man Tank foof I don't know I don't know what the Dick Stuff was my shit. Yeah my day. I don't know how that happened. I feel like this is such a story to get into like what's who to and I don't know but I don't WanNa get into it. I kind of feel like I don't feel bad. Yeah I don't need a piece of Shit I just love that people put this out on the Internet. He brought he put this out there. Yeah the job. Oh so what happened to us. I'm so tired because at four in the morning I heard are smoke. Alarm battery got low. And so every you know and you get that sweet sound every two minutes so just as your alike. I hope that doesn't happen again. And you get into denial. And you're like oh just go back to sleep through. It's a it's a that it's not a ten second or even it's like forty eight seconds apart is how they put the chirps you know. Is there like you start? You fall back a smoke detector just telling you like it's almost like fucking program it not to be as window of time another way just a light that flashes. I covered my ears. So you're able to cover your ears. I had to move in food. You Not Subtle Title. You shut the door. Yeah so I showed our bedroom door and I could hear through that door so I thought I fuck. Let me go down the hall. I'M GONNA go sleep in another room. I closed the door and I can still faintly hear your so then. I turn on a sound machine APP on my still own and now I couldn't hear the turbo but that was four in the morning I had to move those horrible so now the question is how long are we going to wait before we change the battery let it. Chirp took the battery. Yes but that's not how we do things Tom. I know we wanted to be like Shane. Do you know that this is one of the most famous episodes for me is that we found this? Guy Shane that does karate and singing video and he does so he does martial arts and he's like three eighty and he's like is how you do karate and he just put on a demo and then he's like. I can just sing any song so we contacted them. We're like we're using these folks and he did he's saying. Prince Right Kerry all these songs and then instead of making it like a bit I did it for like forty five minutes one episode and like the next week our downloads went down by sixty percent. This is like eight years ago to be fair. Not Want to hear this guy seeing badly over and over the next song and he.

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