United States, Lepore, Lake Charles discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Storm continues to pound Texas; thousands rescued; countless still trapped; storm takes aim at Louisiana; Houston police officer drowns trying to get to work; 9,000 people take shelter in Houston Convention Center


I believe it or not beaumont john's picked up fourteen inches of rain just today this is on top of the over twenty inches that have already fallen in the area of purple which is over ten inches in most cities in the us would would fly with ten inches of rain alone this is ten inches two to three to four feet i mean we're talking the size the state of kentucky but it's now east of houston it's lepore to its beaumont it's port arthur author uh it's in lake charles which actually got lucky today the good news is the rain is ending in houston the back edge on the edge of your screen here you see if slowly sliding off to the east and northeast we still have the center of harvey offshore it'll make landfall its second one predawn hours it has been strengthening went up from forty five miles per hour to fifty but don't worry about the winds the problem is the convergence right over beaumont so this is a concern now for emergency services a possible rescues to go into eastern parts of texas into western louisiana now we thought new orleans was going to have some rain two to four or four to six inches overnight they did not see it they were sandbagging a plaque in his pairs they're not going to need that the severe weather some of it a couple of inches expected coastal mississippi alabama it picks up in speed finally and moves out could still drop a good six ten maybe twelve inches along the way but it's picking up speed that's the best news the problem again is going to be beaumont into lake charles parcel louisiana could see significant rainfall possibly ten twelve inches or more in the next twenty four two eight t a twenty four hours let's say so this is where the concern is now coming next.

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