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You know, have a couple before the show get yourself all jolly and happy, and we can go ahead and get into everything that we're going to talk about. But speaking of that gotta listener question to start things off for you here today this one from major wager on Twitter asking can you ask rent? Why books move their lines with the Mark? Even when they aren't the ones taking money, why not have faith in your line. So what would you say, right? Yeah. I mean, it all depends. Right. It's it's kind of a difficult question to ask, you know, on the surface in that, you don't know whether you got better, you know, the book in question got better not now, they might be holding a number because they're, you know, they're they're charters balance at that point in time. And then someone else starts moving like, okay. We got that that we're gonna move as well. So you kind of sitting there running on your own action. He kind of maybe sometimes don't want to be the first one to go up right in terms of the everyone's sitting at seven, and you got bet by a sharp that you want to go to seven and a half yet or you want to wait and see what the rest of the market goes. Yeah. The the biggest reason is if you look at the the question better question is what moves the market what moves numbers, and it's either information, whether injuries etc or sharp money. So if he didn't take a bet, but you see the board popping up all across, you know, moving one direction the same direction. You may not. Have got bet in your own sharp the in your own shop, but he can British be pretty sure that sharp money is what moved that. So yes, sometimes you moving on air base on, you know, the the books that move I and the other time to go look at on on you know, game day on Saturdays. And Sundays, I think you'll find that there's a lot more discrepancy in terms of you know, five and a half and four and a half out there in the market where a book is gonna move and no one else falls them because they didn't get bet. So earlier on during the week. You definitely want to move more simply because you don't know what's moving the market. And now if one book goes, it's not like everyone goes, but when you see, you know, three four five books go across the market, and you're already long to that size. You're definitely going going to you know, move with them. If your balanced you're probably gonna move with with them as well. Well, and again, I mean, it's right in your job title, the era risk manager your job is to manage risk. So if there's another book out there that seven it's hard for you to sit seven and a half because you've put yourself at risk, especially if it's later in the week to get that big sharp bet on seven and a half because if there's one out there, and it's been a game that has some interest or it's just somebody wants to grab it number. They're going to do it. So, you know, there's really not a whole lot of value in sitting there with your nose open because again your job is to manage risk. You don't have to take an unnecessary risk by sitting there at seven and a half if the rest of the market is at seven. Yeah. And also, you just don't know where the numbers going to end up as well. So it's like why you know unless you have a good feeling worthy. Number is going to end up which is really difficult to do because you know, like I said that the markets generally dictated by sharp money. So you're not going to sit there and hold the position just thinking..

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