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Deposit circle and jammed up towards the tunnel to my king with WBZ's traffic on the threes okay thank you for the forecast I mean for the traffic the forecast is sponsored by the salvation army John FERC I think we have a a live on the line and you know what I want to talk about. what's that Dorian I'm absolutely they've actually upgraded the tropical storm watch now to a tropical storm warning for the Cape and islands essentially for tomorrow night and early Saturday and and certainly that's what it's going to make its closest past worry about two hundred miles to our south and east etcetera Dorian will I pass but will be dry tonight down into the fifties and tomorrow breezy cool they still dry generally during the day up near seventy the rain comes in from the south late tomorrow afternoon and then of rain some of that heavy tomorrow night the heaviest certainly South Boston the strongest winds also with Cape and islands where we could have some gusts fifty to sixty miles per hour coastal flooding beach erosion certainly a concern tomorrow night and that probably last into Saturday morning but will dry out through the day Saturday clouds give a sub sub less wind I sixty five to seventy and then Sunday looking pretty nice with some sign up in the mid seventies on accu weather meteorologist John fear WBZ Boston's news radio alright John thank you very much and right now we're looking at sixty five in reading into expiry sixty eight in Boston it's sixty two. and we went this is news is coming up and again the forecast sponsored by the salvation army it's amazing what the value of a used vehicle has only human life consider donating your vehicle to the salvation army the pick it up at no charge to give you an IRS approved receive your generosity provides new direction for those struggling with alcohol and other drugs call eight hundred SA trucker visit SA truck dot org five twenty five at Boston interiors upholstery sale brings us New England business news that we're gonna talk about the solar industry a leading solar industry group right here in Massachusetts says we can regain the jobs recently lost in solar but not without some resolve from Beacon Hill Jeff brown says green energy is losing steam solar energy is going through a bit of a rough patch these days more than four thousand jobs gone in the past few years here in Massachusetts and no one is immune electricians the old executive developers folks who are going up on the roof and people who are in the board room this is a thirty percent hit two jobs that Sean Garrett with the trade group votes solar which no doubt does have a dog in this hunt with the target aimed squarely at state policy even consistency and solar policy over the last several years.

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