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Ninth circuit but after the bottom line as we've previously discussed it really doesn't it really doesn't matter it in the final at the very bottom line the the supreme court will eventually as it has for almost two hundred years now in fact it's more than two hundred and ten years will uphold the federal supremacy in immigration law and the and the cautioned that justice kennedy gave in two thousand twelve is still relevant in two thousand eighteen and that is that we need congress to act to fix a broken immigration system in california is the most impacted state we have tune half million illegal immigrants in the state of california today and that constitutes more than twenty five percent of the nation's total illegal population we need an answer we need an answer that is fair that is just and that does not open the door to further illegal immigration and in fact if you wanna know where the federal government is going on this you'll remember judge gonzalo curiel you remember him from the campaign from he was the judge sitting on the trump university case and the president at that time the candidate said he didn't think he could be fair to him because he was hispanic well two weeks ago sitting in federal on the federal bench in san diego judge curiel in the first of these many california lawsuits that that we've undertaken two weeks ago the federal government ruled against the attorney general of california that california and arizona do not have a right to require an ex a ecological impact study before the federal government has the authority to repair or expand or build a southern border wall and trump's coming to see the samples next week i can hardly wait to find out how much that's going to cost the taxpayers of the state of california in order to protect the president next week from what i'm sure we'll be a tumultuous crowd and so we have to ask a question this is the cost of both california taxpayers and and again california taxpayers as federal tax payers those costs of defying the government exceed the benefit there are the legal costs for both the border wall suit and the sanctuary city suit and now defending the government's action against california is.

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