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He didn't make an official comment. But he was basically like, yeah. Like, I guess I've heard of her like, I guess I know that song. The question is why why doesn't Lubaton see this like very clear opportunity to pair with someone who's young and can bring like youth to this legacy brand. And I they go ahead. God God, what are you thinking? They better be careful because they're gonna fall the trajectory of crystal which crashed and burned to remember this like it was the drink of all rappers, and they would name check it named check at name jacket song after song different artists talked about it. And the crystal basically was like the company said we don't want anything to do with rappers. And then everything stopped right, right? Basically like sex with avenue like the Christian Levitan shop. They're like didn't comment for the story. Nobody from Christian Lubaton commented on this story. Meanwhile, strippers are like I'm trying to get me some Lou batons because they are inspired by Cardi B's success. And they are seeing at least the ones that were that commented on this story are saying like this is something that we aspire because we're inspired by Cardi B, right? Like now, it's like a benchmark that they want to get too, right? Man, if they don't take advantage of this connection. I think the company is missing out and rats doesn't make a judgment either way. They just sort of talk about the Cardi B fact, unlike what it has meant for the name Lubaton in the past couple of months since this song has gotten really big. And it's not like she called them up and said, hey, can I rap about you? That's like not exactly how it works. But it's like they better hop on this or they're going to miss out. Also, look how influenced I was because I've been thinking about Lou batons ever since a song came out. And you know, I've been thinking about Lou batons for a long time. And I was like if little twenty five year old Cardi B can get a pair. So can I accept her pairs are all full price and mine are pre warn Cardi? Cardi B could be the face of Christian Lubaton, if Christian Lubaton realized this is a a market that we want to get into like, you can get the young people. It's a moment. It's a really hot moment right now. It is an aspirational brand. It is the aspirational brand. And you look back on twenty seven seventeen her song is going to come to the top of what we were listening to during this time. I get real serious. When I listened to that song. I'm like. Yup. I'm going to do what I gotta do to make this money. I'm gonna pay my bills. I am going to make those double car payments. Good for you, by the way. Amen. And you know, what I have to take off my heels when I drive because I have this thing where like if I'm wearing a he'll like, I'm usually driving around in my car with one shoe on Florida problems. Yeah. Because I have a hard time with the doing the pedal with a heel on you can have driving shoes. That's okay, I could wear my Lou batons in the car. And I just wouldn't go anywhere. I would just get my car that's paid off in my shoes that are paid off. Hey, girl dream everything's paid off useful and beautiful..

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