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Right here A double dual P the CDC now recommending this morning booster shots for kids as young as 12 President Biden heads to the capitol today a year after it came under attack on January 6th On Capitol Hill I'm Mitchell Miller Brio the main reasons why the January 6th riot happened I'm JJ green a fire kills 12 including 8 kids inside of Philadelphia public housing building Bomb threats made to HBCUs nationwide including one of our region I'm John doeman Checking your money news We had a down day on Wall Street that I was off three 93 over 1% is actually NASDAQ Actually lost 3% as well overseas this morning Asian stocks lower across the board this hour than EK down by 787 points That morning welcome to WTP glad you're with this Thursday morning 1231 CBS News brief The CDC endorsed Pfizer's COVID booster shot for kids ages 12 to 15 shortly after an advisory panel gave its recommendation The motion passes as written and I believe it is 13 yeses and one no Teachers are fighting the nation's third largest school district for a second day over going back to class amid a COVID surge The school CEO Pedro Martinez says switching to remote learning Is it simple We're being asked we'll just do it for another week Do it for another week I said the implications for families were not serious As if it was that easy to transition an entire district Neighbors honored 12 people killed in a public housing fire in Philadelphia This girl says she lost 6 family members And their name that.

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