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Our contemplate matches the but only myrtle when he realised you're not very comforting doubt cbs saturday or stream it live or on demand relatives derek fisher has the fourday wbz accuweather forecast severe weather should say to our south and west tonight but it will be a chance for some showers a downpour specially the first half of the overnight with low temperatures in the mid60s to tomorrow beautiful summer day comfortable humidity levels but very warm high near 90 should make it an official heatwave in the boston area and a great day to be at the beach saturday to saudi start your always mink racing after new cloudiness the humidity will be in check high temps mainly in the middle 80s sunday brings mostly cloudy skies chance of showers and storms near eighty that a cool wet start to the week on monday i'm wbz tv meteorologist derek fisher wbz newsradio 1030 eighty seven nimby 25 this is new england business state labor officials say massachusetts added an estimated ten thousand jobs in june while the unemployment rate crept up to four point three percent labour and workforce development secretary a resolution ah kosta says the first six months of 2017 brought a record increase in the total labour force in massachusetts signaling a growing state economy jim rooney president and ceo of the boston chamber of commerce tells wbz where the base data's adding jobs show actually this a number replace food from education and health services uh added just under seven thousand jobs address than the last month uh over year that factor is up about three point six percent over twenty eight thousand jobs uh lebron hospitality continues to perform well uh manufacturing game uh from drugs 500 not a lot but it's uh.

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