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So you know drafting players high and getting good draft picks is great. But if you dump all your your big name guys, you just have to replace them and I feel like you gotTa Try and Win Games they did a good job at the end of the season beating the Patriots like. They did but you gotta play the Games that you're in the you have in front of you and I believe that winning breeds winning, and if you can just win a couple of those games, you know even if you don't get the highest draft pick, you can sign a trustee veteran or you can find somebody in the later rounds and the late around and still come up with a key player for your team. So I with one hundred percent I think tanking is not the way to go. I love the I love the. Miami Dolphins Angle that we're all collectively taken guys. Interesting. So I've heard through. The Grapevine. Just different rumors apparently I mean Ryan for it Austin young coach as we all know he was brought in there with a mandate of sorts saying we're, GONNA panic. We're GONNA take for two of what they want it. They want they want budge board games with its Fitzpatrick. and. Now, he's considered like one of the best young coaches you kinda put his foot down and said, we're not thinking so like as progressed the dolphins turned it on and I agree with you guys it's never it's never beneficial thing I mean the coaches are trying to stay employed. They don't to go to enforce in. in but the bigger thing the players in the game. Players when the Games on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays. GIVES, it instills in them confidence if they start winning games that Patriots Win Nate, that's massive for the next five years. That Locker Room in Miami they know they can be dealt check. So I mean, yeah I never want WanNa. Support Tanking. That's all. I'm going with what you were saying need about trading off to play these players they did add maybe those players were of the problem maybe they had to get out of that losing atmosphere and Goto place like Texas and get around a bunch of guys there used to winning Jj Watch watch they would start winning again. Sometimes these guys get into as you say that you know the the the culture of losing and it affects them and you can't bring them back. So you have to get rid of them. So maybe that's part of the reason you know Florez, those guys saw it is is the fact that You know tunstall and you know was just never going to turn it around there because he had losses that because of all the losing I, don't know if that's true or not but I don't know what you think. No I agree I mean I think that there was they didn't think they were going to be able to sign him to the long-term deal. I I know we talked about on this show a couple of weeks ago. You know the Houston's where able to reward Laremy Tunsil with the highest offensive lineman contract in the NFL right now and I don't think the bengals or excuse me the dolphins were prepared to do that. So you know there was reasons and and sometimes, and change of scenery is the best thing that could happen to some of these guys but you know it's Just. My point was if you get rid of a bunch of guys, the first thing you've got to do is replace them before you can take that next step up, and that's you know one thing we've talked about on the show is that the the dolphins to overtake the Patriots to overtake the bills and Win The AFC east they've got to get to that next level..

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