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The high you know hydrated out the wazoo what do you think of all the i don't like it i don't think the science backs it up a works for tom good for tomic that's great and in god it's amazing what he's doing is no question about that i think he's been lucky i think he's been of beneficiary of the new rules i think he's surrounded by a tremendous coach owner in staff and it's all worked with them but i and i think it's a mistake to continually tease i'm irish i don't go around saying oh things are going great and for tomba you know tom versus time and to to to promote the notion that you are impervious from injury or that if you do this this will not happen to you i think it's bad messaging i think it's bottom feeding i'm not a fan of it with dan shaughnessy the boston globe dan tell me in your mind right now what's football going to be like in ten years well that's a good question of thought on all level yeah i mean first of all i don't see i know the concussion problem is very real and i understand you know again my kids are older i'll have grandsons maybe i'll have a vote whether they play football or not i don't think it's necessary to play tackle football young ages but i think that the the the places where the nfl is drawing from are not going to be affected by the concussion problem that the single parents or the people in impoverished lands are not going to prevent their sense of playing football and brownsville texas or western pennsylvania florida california that the market of the pool of players still going to be there but i think it's going to affect the dual county league near where i live in newton and you know white suburbia football i think is going to fade away a little bit i understand that uh television ratings i still i know they're down but it's still when i hear nfl ratings are down it's like hearing that harvard endowment is down to me second like what harvard endowment is.

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