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Let's hear what your other houseguests had to say to. You only have one sad music you in all of big brother. And so we go to that. And she's in the diary room talking about her son and how he's states away which i've never heard that term used to describe the agra geography but he's states away from her right now and then she broke and she's like what. I'm not a really sad. Forget it. yes this this and this is great. It's a great segments hilarious. It's something that we did see on the feeds and i think it makes for great segment. I the efficacy of it. I'm not like as sold on. Like if if i see somebody crying into somebody else's arms that's gonna make me think they're closer than just like a normal station but still it's really fun and i think it made for a great segment for sure. Yeah that was i. It's funny because i knew that had happened. Would she was so good in. Oughta we gotta say that was really good at this too. They got me for like a split second. I was like in the music. you now. The whole double editing thing. I was like why is she so upset. I don't wanna see 'cause side and then all of a sudden i realized. Wait a second. This was on the feeds. I knew this was going to happen. But she freaking got she freaking once the word she just got me muzzle. Yes all right. So wildcard competition is a frenchie wants to go in not just that he's gonna win it put him in. He's feeling it now going to stop them. Nothing stop reggie manifest haddish. She's going to manifest it. The aces wanna leave it to chance. this group cannot come to a consensus who i mean which is is very much an example of who they are as a team. They are very divided team. They don't really get along that well and so it's not surprising that they can't come to a conclusion. Yeah and then for Beth she calls are shot here. She wants to go into the competition. this was a big night for sarabeth wildcard blocker. She's the wildcard blocker tear. Why was she so confident. I'm confident i mean. I think something that i liked that she said in dire room was that she wanted to win. Not only to stop other people from winning Certainly that was her primary goal but also to to prove her value to to potential alliance members to the people that she is working with. And i love that from her. I feel like especially from sara beth who was one of the people in the preseason. That was saying i would throw competitions. I wanna be a floater for a long time. I don't know if that just like you know if she still feels that way and she didn't like she's still willing to do something like this or if her opinion has changed having come into the house based on what she seeing. But that's very much the meta of the current strategy of big brother. Which is you do need to win. Competitions improve your value your allies And winning competitions doesn't always put a target on your back as much as Just being valuable enough to somebody's game to be worth protecting And so. I do like this. Not only because she's helping you know seal frenchies fate here to a degree but also because she is proven to people. Hey i'm valuable in this game and And i'm somebody who. If i do make it to the end like i've been playing this game and i've been holding power. Okay i also wonder If how much they knew that each week there would be like a different light on roulette. Chance thing whatever who cares Because last week greece all christian when he won safety and gave it to xavier which made them closer issue was thinking in the mindset of. Oh if something happens to me. Nineteen who. I'm not that close with this. Is the bond at can make them closer to me. Put me in a better position within my group. So she's gonna play. Ultimately it's going to be brent that gets drawn for the For the aces. Let's get french in thailand. Because this is where things start to really unravel. Frenchie talks to kyle. And and lena frenchies spidey. Senses are tingling. Something feels off. Yeah and i guess you could say that. This is one of the few things that he actually got right in his entire time in the big brother house so far but i obviously his reaction is. I don't realize obviously we have feeds for this fight in realize this is the moment that set him off to do the whole amount thing and i didn't even realize that he did it. Not once but twice in front of essentially the entire house at point. I thought it was just a way that it was describing. The live feeds was. Oh whitney said that he did this in front of maybe hannah and a couple of other people but it was literally the entire house. And i'm i just could not believe my eyes tearing twenty more background on this. You know we see frenchie. Talked to kyle in red flag. Red flag red flag. And he just basically like imploded. after that. yeah this was. I do believe that this was. I don't think allen's intention was to make frenchie explode. But i think intention was to be like. Hey frenchie put me on the block. I have an exclusive provincially on the block. And then i can maybe slowly over the course of the week. Turn the slaughterhouse against him and let this be a move that everybody can be okay with an. It's it's a nice easy play so collins kind of sitting there with a shovel ready to dig graves for frenchy slowly over the course of the week and frenchy walks up and he's like. Hey what's the shove mine. And he just grabs the shovel and starts digging himself. If you want to do this work. I'm cool with it because frenchy just completely completely loses it and what he's going to do is just immediately started saying it go doing his frenchie thing and what he tells people is that i was told five people. Five people came to tell void told by five different people that the that half of the slaughterhouse was turning against me half of them and what he means by i was told by five people is that he had that position with kyle and saw red flags Of and so he just like. I don't know what he thought. The strategy here was or if you genuinely just thought like everyone is against me. Now he must be kyla. Must be targeting me. He must be supported. And so screw all of you But but he really really helped kyle island with how he reacted. I really do think that it was really just a assad reaction. It's one of those things that you know. All of us do that some reactions that we might regret grade. I don't know if he regrets. That i don't know what's going on in frenchies mind but i don't think any of us do but i think it was kind of like a tunnel vision thing where he was like. I'm seeing red out of here. I need to like blow off some steam. I don't care who is hearing it and it was really just the title bishop thing in my opinion. Because that's because that's how crazy looked to me. Yeah are we sure. Frenchie is okay. That he's not the we have given like a lot of flowers to the casting department for putting together this big brother twenty-three cast but like it's is frenchie. Okay like should he be out there i i. It's it's like. I feel like we need a psychologist on the podcast question. I mean i think he has He has a complicated relationship with the truth. Yes yes if it would be easier to process this man if like he was in the diary room saying like. Hey i'm going to be the biggest dag on villain this shows ever seen you. I'm going to tell people what they want to hear but in reality i'm doing my game like if he was like a russell hats like okay. Yeah okay this makes a little bit more sense but aj that he's like a like the hero in the martyr and he's the good guy in the story..

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