Mike Flynn, Larry O'connor, FBI discussed on Mark Levin


Wise men. They often call them coming up. We've got news about three wise women, really wise win and wisest women on the left that I know Kristian Blasi Ford, Mika Brzezinski accent Cossio Cortez. Couldn't even say it without laughing. They are they are too brilliant for any of us. We've got news about all three of them that I'll share with you. But I do want to wrap up this conversation here that we've had about Mike Flynn. And what we've learned about this this the interrogation that took place with the FBI that led to his guilty plea. And and by the way, it really it led to the entire special counsel. Being named Robert Muller. And here's this and I mentioned in a second ago. Larry O'Connor, by the way, filling in for Mark Levin. Here's a question to ask yourself because this is the one thing that has never really been made clear to me, and it makes me feel like they're still more to this story that seems very simple and very cut and dry and very black and white too many people who look at it. Whether you're looking at it from my perspective where you think that this is an overreach of the FBI and the Justice department who had intentions on a crippling this presidency. If not a making the case that might lead to impeachment and by the way, we're seeing that play out right now. Or if you see it from the left, and you see that this is nothing, but Joe Friday James Comey and the good men and women of the F B I. Finally, you know, investigating the obvious foreign infiltration of our electoral process at the hands of Latimer Putin and thank God, we had fusion GPS create a dossier to expose all of it. And they're good people. I suppose who see it that way. But to them, it's very black and white and who think the former to us it's black and white and most of the questions about it had been resolved and answered and we understand this story from our perspective. Here's what I've never understood never ever ever. And I still don't and I and I and I can't wait for this to be revealed. Mike flynn. The supposed- false information that he gave about his conversation with ambassador Kislyak, the Russian ambassador where it's alleged that. When he was in the transition. He was the incoming national security adviser. He mentioned the sanctions that Obama just.

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