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Are huge for the black off, all right. The injury report is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. The card to carry through it all on the list remains on long term Injured Reserve Captain Jonathan Caves Alex Knee Lander, Zach Smith, Prince Seabrook and Andrew Shaw, who was on concussion protocol. Good health and Best of Luck to all of those gentlemen, get back to the line of the soonest possible. Let's get to tonight's keys to the A sponsored by Bud Light. There's a Bud light their choice. Got those teeth. Thanks, John. The first key is the start of the game. You got to get off to a good start chasing the games. Too many kinds here in the last little while have some urgency. Desperation right from the get go second key control the neutral zone and dictates where you play offensively or defensively. It's what Dallas wants to do. It's what the Blackhawks need to do. National won that battle in those two games prior to this third key special teams match up work on extensively yesterday. In all areas. Hopefully it comes in works out here tonight and the fourth piece offensively, get to the middle of the ice. Lots of more traffic around the front of the net. I think that 30 you mentioned is just Paramount for this game. Jeremy talked about the work They did yesterday and practice on the power play and you talk about what you think you need to see from the team and that is a new look and different, maybe a little bit of a different mode of attack while they were going to try something new on the break out here, see if they implemented right away or they try and switch it, but But because you played these teams so many times this season tendencies become too predictable. I think the Blackhawks right now on their breakout is too predictable. All right, thank you very much. Try that..

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