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The Waco told you has had its day who says who says could they brilliant cross accents. Who says this is? Do me a favor. No more. It's I XE. No more. This is the end of it on also no more talking about the fact this team is going to break up soon because it's heartbreaking. I don't look. Now, you're totally right about that. I think that there's you can go a little bit deeper on the Rinaldo stuff the referring to not just him specifically. But I guess that that whole experiment from event, but he's doing his job to be fair. Titi scored the goal once again did anything for them in the two legs. Right. But you know, there's part of me that wonders about that is is he is that because he's there you make very good point the final for the forty five minutes because I watched the first half United Barcelona. I I wanted to get testable the final forty five minutes was them belting balls to Renaldo, and you your adament would be that. Maybe that new or someone like the bottom certainly him. Yeah. Is it stunting the growth of certain other players now, by the way that is not Rinaldo fault. No that is on each and every one of these other players to find a way to make an impact the only player that look like in the second half was Moi's keen who came on for develop for time for and he was he? He's going to be great does just trust me. He really well. But he had a great chance was the ball breaks, the only real chance in second half. Not the only one, but the man chance in the second half and delivered out of nowhere just comes across this nonchalance, lightning tackle recovery tackle. They're awesome. Yeah. They really are. I wonder now for events is because they went all in. I mean when you spend money on Rinaldo, and you do so at the expense of some of your younger players the goal. Here was not to win Syria, which they're going to waltz to once again the goal. This was about finally getting that Champions League that they have has alluded them for a while. Now, do you know, what's delicious? I x and teams like that in from smaller leagues, the Agnelli's who the owners of you vent. Stay are at the forefront of this European Superleague idea, which will be a closed shop, which will get rid of the LeicesteR city's the Rosenbergs happen. It can't happen. Not have. No, it shouldn't be allowed. This is too much fun on. It's just wonderful that he is to sit at home. Thinking about Dussan Todd age I narrow and Frankie Dion and all these. Yeah. I'm so curious what happens to the event is now because there's no turning back Renaldo is there is a four year contract. You're spending that money on him. This is like that was the alternate in win now behavior they're bringing an Aaron Ramsey, which I don't know. I I do like him doesn't put the more of the topic changes the way I feel about them. But it doesn't necessarily mean that event is can't just because they lost this year too. I it doesn't mean that they can't go out with a similar team next year and win, but they need better players. I honestly think they've looked at Renaldo and said, this is the missing piece and they've brought in like, I still don't understand the Emory Chan signing on I don't want to hear from Liverpool fans. He was was not up to power for us in the Premier League apart from vice kick against Wofford, what makes you think he's going to stroll into the event and do anthem for them. You know, maybe maybe guys like deba- panic as being a very good player for him Juno. What's nothing? Andrew will age is also going to be back. You line is. Well, they've got a real there. I mean, I don't know. Yeah. It'll be interesting to see where things go I'll tell you what we still have to other games. Well, we can I I'm going to be like a Senate subcommittee hearing. I I see see my time on Liverpool because you will you will see your time next. We still have Liverpool. Porto United.

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