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But i thought as an intro for repeated whisky it's a it's a really nice if you're looking for heavy pete it's if you're pete you know pete hound this is not the whisky but i think for those of us that are not big pete freaks disraeli nice way to draw a little bit appeared whisky and again with the air and a little bit of water i found it to be really pleasant very nice i would agree i would split the difference between you to i would say is more moral medium finish for me a on all very nice whisky would you digest i think that there was a good pete on the nose before the water and it was a one note knows then when i added water it brought out some sweeter chemicals like pair a guy like pair than lemon peel and for me it's interesting you guys got different lengths on the finishes the finish was was long for me and i mention the bob's mentioned they would stay with you for about an hour i still feel the finish on this expression and i haven't had any for five or ten minutes the whisky fades out quicker but pete always a pete's they is your forever and all three of these expressions are non chill filtered in a lot of non chill filtered expressions have sediment or cloudiness and i see a clear through the blue one but in the glass there was no sediment and they're all really clear so there must be filtering it somehow but just not chill filtering but it leaves a lot of the oil innocent discuss what an oddjob you don't wanna a you work so hard to put that and you don't want to take it out that's for sure.

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