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Family that owns the Washington Nats may be ready to sell the learner family buying that team 16 years ago but now they say they are considering a sale Washington Post was the first to break the story in the post barriers for Luca telling WTO They've heard an investment bank in New York that is well versed in sports franchise transactions a group that's helped the Denver Broncos with their sale So this is the serious thing Learners are not committing to selling the franchise but they're at least exploring that possibility They may also consider taking on additional investors The decision to representing it about face for the family the managing principal owner Mark Lerner telling the post back in 2018 quote we will never sell the nationals That's manager Dave Martinez says Lerner called him this morning to deliver the news New this evening an amber alert has been issued for a reported child abduction in Maryland You'll want to look out for a black Jeep Wrangler with Maryland tag number DV one 5 7 9 7 and the Jeep may be in the Westminster area of Carroll county Maryland state police say 12 year old max Reilly Geiger was last seen Friday in the hampstead area of Carroll county He's believed to be with his father 35 year old Christopher Geiger both are described as white with blond hair the boy has brown eyes his father's eyes are green you can see photos of the two at WTO dot com Anyone with information is asked to call 9-1-1 At 7 O 5 a top Hollywood actor is in Northern Virginia today but not there to film a new movie Johnny Depp is in fairfax county in a court as the trial begins in his defamation case Johnny Depp.

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