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Alarm over a fat fungus stocks holding in positive territory full update on your money. Six minutes away, traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. It is to eighteen Tarrant county is coming down a bit. So we'll get to a couple of problems. They're here in a second. But let's take a look at. This is still Tarrant county. Great mills area break, Joey southbound one Twenty-one bass pro they still got the two left lanes blocked off there. So they can clear an accident. The gym has not gotten worse than reaches to about grapevine mills boulevard down. Farmers branch. Got a couple of things going on an accident on northbound thirty five after six thirty five in the right lane that is causing a back from a little before six thirty five minutes. Another one on eastbound six thirty five at thirty five blocking the left lane in jam up reaches almost eliminated. Thank you for giving us a call on the traffic tip line with that. Eastbound thirty dolphin accident blocking the left lane traffic still slow from grand avenue in Tarrant county, westbound thirty east chase get a crash blocking the right lane near that. Jim hasn't gotten worse either. But it does reach back away almost a Cooper and northeast bay twenty eastbound at Mark fourth. They've got the right lane. With a clear an accident. Traffic still jammed up from about blue Mound Road. All right. Six thirty five north Centerville two left lanes remain blocked, and that creates a backup in two mosquito which starts now from about town east boulevard and north of that another problem at forest lane. This one's going to be another wreck with the express lane two left lanes blocked, and this is a backup starts roughly around plano road. If you're going eastbound there's a wreck at forest lane and again, express lane left lane blocked here that jams up from about seventy five central. Also, eastbound thirty if you are heading to Rockwall, actually, it's going to affect affect you. If you're heading to fate Rockwall still fairly clear, but eastbound thirty the wreck after five fifty one still affects the left lane. We've still got a backup from about thirty five forty nine. I'm joined Rogers next report at two twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they haven't. Rain continues to move away. We're looking at cloudy skies for the rest of the afternoon.

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