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In your pocket long enough you'll get a good crunch I love that so what do you think absolutely fantastic you are real energy and vibrancy behind your voice and this is just like a like the tip of the iceberg liking just do so much more do you have any other in the pot or not as good very good out again wouldn't tell me have your ideas David I can't remember remember pocket walk at Rosie's Rosie a I said the only remember the Lindsay what's the blonde you're going to catch it for that what are you reading at once proprietary almost a safeguard device for the elderly so when you're fall propulsion system inflates the ball around them wait don't crackly hip I believe it was like a fanny pack tablet device that you know once you hit a certain trajectory celery soon right right like an airbag around the entire body that that's great those were the good old the ad for that soundlink just a bunch of people going to fucking tossed across the room into more like who like little fucking jingles for idea we have audits brother who is a master of the arts master angler I'm gonNA write that one down guys the jingles yeah on Jingles this idea Maybe my voice is kind of smashed within sexy to Dave for that drama teacher and Heath grade laughed at me for sound into nasal me now I own by God and I'm sleeping day should have never trying off okay thank you I love it more how now on measuring up Donna's level so I think that's a fantastic idea I think we do some professional recording head gummy studios going pretty soon so we can even do it there and get a real going on we make a real throw that up on the tube or whatever y'all trying to do it and just get money like that that's a scheme put that's what team os doing one of our friends is the voice of Ash Ketchum Monica but I know another friend who does a lot of yu-gi-oh voices early a friend of a friend and I love you know they like and actually this guy actually did some voiceover work for Red Dead Redemption too take a big voiceover studio up there in Long Island so many things to do so yeah I believe Josh Ruben back in the day to Wendy's commercial hey thank all kinds of voices so sure Edward the Queen's share the should start doing the which I would I would love that I would love to do the ads went on this episode episode maybe not Marty here we go if you run your own business You're used to doing it all right folks but if you're struggling to get through.

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