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The sound. The sponsor spotlight sponsored by Buckles You casino. Home all this time, 7 25 let's get right back to Kierra Jordan in the Dubin Lager of Traffic Center. It's been a miserable commute this morning on North and I five traveling out of Lacey toward J. Blm's main gate. A lot of it just due to the sun glare in your eyes, and then we're heavy again. Highway 16 to the tee dum Going from Olympia to Tacoma. It's taking 65 minutes. We're also slow out of federal way in to see Tak Seattle's going to be busy mid Boeing field to the convention center. We're seeing Roxbury stacking up toe also north bound 509 backing up approaching the First Avenue South Bridge. Work on 167 dragging from 5 12 into Pacific, often on slowing out of Auburn into Kent, Heavy from 180th, the four or five north bound for five challenging to the rented area and starting to break up a little bit more is you're entering Newcastle south down four or five brake lights out of alder wood to state route 5 to 2. South on I five is going to be slow approaching the ever mall to 128 slow again from the four or five split into shore line westbound 5 to 2, a struggle starting just east of the river into Malti. Our next Cuomo traffic up 7 34. Our traffic report this time is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples is evolving to staples Connect the new world of possible with innovative tools for small business in remote workers and learners. Explore what's new catcher, Local staple store or staples connect. Com Mostly sunny, warm weather ahead today and tomorrow highs near 85 degrees in the many places For Thursday. We cool off about 10 degrees Sunny and 75 on Friday mostly sunny.

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