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He made the announcement Jude long before Santa Nita cancelled racing indefinitely heat said about ten twelve days ago. I'm coming east for the Gotham. He's here. One turn mile. He's never been beyond six furlongs. He has that long layoff. But man his first two races were nothing short of spectacular. And you know, he he looks good. He shipped good the pictures of him on Instagram been excellent. He looks like he's settling in nicely there. He adds a lot of speed of the field. I'm wondering a lot of people don't think he can go very far. They don't think he can go to turn this race is only one turn. But they're questioning is ability of mile and all that. And I don't I don't know looks to me like he can certainly get the distance. He's out of lawyer, Ron MIR. He should be able to get a mile. No problem. Certainly amount. Sixteenth mile Nate, there's a lot of racing left. But he's a beautiful animal, and and super talented a million to paid for him at the phasing Tipton Florida March sale. There's a lot of speed in here though. And I think there could be a really hot pace. That's why I'm gonna take high-cal who comes from off the pace regime seems to have away with them. He he's kinda like affirmed in that I think he does just enough to get the job done. He had a great trip last time, and obviously that helped them, but I think I think he's very tough. I think tcb and flu is going to be good from the outside. Dylan Davis gets on on him. I know where Manny Franco's, but in any case, Jeff, lewiston, fire and writers left and right. So. It wasn't really manage faultless. So Haikal came up the rail, which is where you wanted to be a thief influ went wide. I'll say this Haikal has done this twice now when he broke his mating. And when he won the Wingfield he is he's a railroad. He likes to lay up along the iron and just come scooting along the inside almost Rajiv does his best Calvin Burrell impersonation when he's aboard Haikal last time at work because the rail was the place to be I think if you switch trips may be tcf influ gets maybe doesn't I'm not a thinking flu fan. I don't I'm not. I'm not the flu. But I mean these only two lengths behind. Between haikal? So I guess if you like high-cal eight to one six two one seven one, whatever he's gonna be you probably gonna like tcf and fluid twice the price. There's a lot of speed like you said Jud it looks like the race goes through Instagram. But you know, this to grade one winners how deep this race is this to great winters winners. Twelve to one nine two two on the morning line. We'll start with mind control who has a win over the track. He won the Jerome cr- trainer. Greg Sacco act opted not to stretch out to the two turns of the weather's he wants to keep them around the one turn. I guess I'll want them next wherever he runs a mobile around turns. But toba my mind control, the gray one hopeful when? Yeah, there's no reason to think that that's not a good plan to one turn miles and then stretch out in your last or be prep and see where you're at..

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