United States Supreme Court, Ohio, Democrats discussed on ACLU Civil Liberties Minute


In America, is it constitutional for elections to be decided before any votes are cast. I'm Bill Newman. And this is the civil liberties minute, a three judge federal district court in Cincinnati recently ruled unconstitutional that state's congressional map that Republican lawmakers had drawn up with invidious partisan intent those are the courts words to ensure that the outcome of elections would be determined before any votes were cast they Ohio map which has been in effect since two thousand and twelve yields the same results in election after election after election. The results are twelve Republicans and for Democrats a seventy five to twenty five percent split. Even though the actual vote is very close to even the court noted that the map pack Democrats into his few districts as possible, and then carved up democratic cities and counties to favor. Republicans the wool makers accomplish this with strange squiggly curving shapes in weird lines. But this Ohio decision and the four. Other similar federal court decisions from other states may not last until the summer the issue of partisan gerrymandering is before the United States Supreme court, and the supreme court could well decide that having congressional elections. That are a mockery of democracy is not unconstitutional and is democracy enough for two thousand and nineteen and two thousand twenty will soon find out the civil liberties minute is made possible by the ACLU because freedom can't protect itself.

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