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Tom McNab Myrrha read a statement from one hundred outside of the court where she apologized and said, she's taking responsibility. I understand that there will be more consequences stemming from my actions, but has demonstrated this morning, the entry of the plea. I taken the first step. To face those consequences, one hundred could get up to five years in prison. She'll find out into timber congressman hunters as political reasons caused the Justice department to pressure his wife to plead guilty and testify against him. Hunter says questions about their use of campaign funds should have been handled by the federal elections commission. He says the prosecution wanted to prevent him from getting reelected, vanity could be the perfect gift for Father's Day. A new study by the American society of plastic surgeons says cosmetic procedures are growing in popularity among middle aged men and become common Father's Day. Requests, research shows more dads are turning to what's referred to as the daddy do over to improve their looks and confidence. Daddy, do overs typically consists of various body contouring and facial procedures, which are performed in a single surgery. Debra Mark KFI news. The Toronto Raptors have become NBA champions for the first time they beat the Golden State Warriors in Oakland. One fourteen to one ten in game six hundred thousands of fans took to the streets in Toronto to celebrate the big win. This authors. Now. Thursday's game was also the last one. The warriors will play in Oakland. The team is now moving back to San Francisco has up in north Hollywood. There's works on this is on the one seventy southbound from Sherman way to victory county. It's going to be taken away the two right lanes for roadwork until five in the morning watch for delays throughout that area. And in volt park, this is on the ten eastbound at Francis, Kito cleanup crews from an earlier crash. They're taking up the left lanes there watch for some slowing from Baldwin park boulevard, Colton. We have a full freeway closure. This is all the to fifteen southbound from mount Vernon all the way to Barton road. All lanes are going to be shut down until four in the morning drive stacked from the ten injured being diverted off, onto mount Vernon KFI in the sky helps get you there faster of Bryant Vance your forecast is next. Fan of the movies want the inside scoop from today's biggest stars. Then check out the new podcast. The.

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