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Absolute booze. It was like a wasn't on rains level. But it's it's the same sort of push back the exact thing so to push back because it's too much. She's two lopsided. I wanted. She needs to she. She gave me to start talking about you know, like you say the Ted talk on. What makes a champion? I was like, dude. Did you just graduate like with the speeches like, but every everything else you did was fine. It's just she's not very good. Like, what's she starts talking? She's kind of a bitch and people don't like it. So they boom was talking. But when he stopped they loved it. There. You know, she says she's a bitch. So, you know, you're you're you're she's going. And I gotta say man, she is a whole lot smaller than went up. I forgot that. She was only like one fifty five at her heaviest or something a lot smaller. Like, I thought she was just like huge muscle bound. No, no. She's kinda dainty kind of really looking but. Nope, dan. She starts the wrestler. When all that goes out the window. All right, then we had the women's gauntlet after Ronda said she wants to defend the title every week. Stephanie said not so fast, we need to we need to have every one of these worthy. Challengers fight each other in a gauntlet to fill the last half hour. So this show. How that poll that held that work for the crowd seeing the parade of of of rapid fire women's matches. Dead. Golly. Match healed a great actually 'cause rules. One of. I think was the Mickey J James got there. And I got to be real careful not to spoil anything over. He mickie James got there. And that got a little bit of this is boring from like that ROY super loyal crowd. Yeah. Tomorrow because I guess you'd call. I don't know. But it don't sound that Lowell Channing. This is boring. Right. Yeah. I don't know what he would do in that. Because everybody else's pace. We knew that was going to be slow down of this show because we had to shows to go through, and we all just took it in stride, and the highs were high and we cheer when we met. We look good crowd. We hear when we cheer, and when we could rest we rested a couple of bathroom breaks. But not too many bathroom breaks to be a lot of people just actually just stepped through the show. No coated. They present to you in the audience that this was going to be a double taping. Soanes if someone is that right of one they said, hey Christmas came early for Sacramento, you're getting not one but two Rawls. Oh. What did I give booze? Yeah. The crowd cheer pom for that. Or? Holiday we popped hearts. Which was weird is I was like, we don't we hate wrong. I was like greeting people guys, you know. But I was I was hungry. I guess so Wade Wade this is we're we're we're buying impact. And we're taking it to Sacramento. Yeah. Man. I commend I'll sit down, and they would like we'll be quiet, okay near Kobe can take your time getting to the rank and we'll act like there's not a commercial break going on this. Is it this? This is the play. Yes. Absolutely. So as far as the women go when they were coming out for their entrances. Did anyone jump out as a specially over or getting weak response as they came out or anything like that? No, at least you flocks was. I was like, you know, at least FOX. But then I was thinking to myself. She has to be I and I'm glad she had a long nice with Bailey. But maybe Dana Brooke was a little flat with like. No. I mean, the determine keep that same energy really hill. True in Sacramento. They we kept that same energy. Even when it was Dana Brown, you know, ruby riot stood out a lot. We thought she was going to be. Eddie. All right. So let's let's let's do a break there unless you have anything else to say about the live three hour raw. In home, EC wolf, they keep a lot of people come in to. Yeah. We did see the video. So did the crowd respond to the video since played kind being graphic? Rafic we show the graphic of heavy machinery, Nikki cross, LARs, EC, three and Lacey Evans, come into to raw all of them. They just showed a big graphic all of them..

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