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So Brian, what are your thoughts about this acquitting the smash mouth football in an I also want to ask you how you think they're gonna utilize Snell this upcoming season? Well before I do that fellas. Let me throw something at you through an under over under at you. Twelve games. James Connor, how many games does he actually start this year because of health? Let's put it twelve days over. I'll take iheart over. I think he stays. You're thinking he's because of health. Okay. I think I think, because of Snell to that I think, because of snow and they're not going to have to run the wheels off him that I think that he's going to be healthy this year. So I'm going to take over. Dave. I'm gonna take the over as well because I'm hoping they're going to do it the right way. And that is. Connors connors. Good for thirteen to fourteen games kind of like last year. Let's take those carries and spread them out. All sixteen games because you got other people to end the ball to, I would love nothing. More to see James Connor have a sixteen on pro football reference next to him with a starter each game as a starter that he's there to do, it, actually prefer fifteen from not have to play the last week of the season because that game won't matter because the Steelers will have everything locked up by then. But let's. He's only good for probably what Brian says for right around twelve or thirteen games. But I think if they cut the carries down a little bit because they have the people to do it that, then who actually play it more than twelve. You know what I I love James Connor? I wanna see him play all sixteen just like Dave, I have not seen him do that yet because of various various things that he has got had going on his career. The guy has had to overcome so much so, but I, I really have not seen that much of a full season out of him. I'm sure there, there may have been one in college. We haven't seen it in two years in Pittsburgh. So that's where my and I'm not a pessimist, but that's where my pessimism wise here, but it's good to have another guy like this. And we're not forgetting about Jalen Samuels as well now to piggyback on something that, Dave said a little bit earlier with the fans Yellen form. Well that's definitely going to happen. I'm going to tell you why. Because in the preseason the guy's probably gonna have about a lot of situations short yardage situations. They're not going to need to put James Connor in there. You're. To see a lot of Benny snow football in August. There's gonna be tons of it. This guy is going to probably be the star of the preseason in Pittsburgh. And with that being said, that is where you're going to have the fans phone level them right away their fall in love with them, because of stuff like Benny Snell football and his interview. And the fact that this kid in college just throw a stance away. He played in the ballgame. When everybody else was staying out to sacrifice to not sacrifice their chances of the broS. He didn't care. He makes a sacrifice for his teammates. So the fans love this guy the fan. I mean he is a committed guy. He's everything that old Pittsburgh Steeler football was about and everything that the fans went back. So this is a great guy to have in their how they're going to use them. They're gonna use James Connor. I now just like Jeff said they're gonna. Oh, they're going to spell them a whole lot more. So it's a great opportunity to go ahead and get this guy about six to eight carries a game like Dave said just to be able to keep Connor fresh. I hope that works. That's I mean, you the best, the best laid plans of mice and men, but will actually happen. Will you have to see this guy start games were Samuel start games? So it's a long season..

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