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I don't know there's only so far i'm willing to push myself when i'm by myself. You know what i mean. So you're pushing a vehicle that you're not super familiar with right and you know you you have to back up in real sounds excuses. But ultimately i did damage the vehicle a little bit making his video and it. It did have a tough time on the show. We ninety eight percent of the driving we do the cars. We review our streetcars. High-performance streetcars kind of what we do. We go off roading couple times a year. We do these trails when we get the right cars for it. But like i'm definitely not saying i'm anywhere near even like a a blue belt. If in offering come pretty good to it and like to be careful and you do so protect the car protect ourselves and we are kind of like the normal buyer. Actually like we're we're the person you know who would buy this thing and they maybe go up one trail now and then so we want to be careful like and landcruiser like i would buy something like that if i really had to drive on horrible roads or like in really bad weather or on a lot of fire roads like i think this trail was is a little more than i would want stock landcruiser for but you know those those the those fire roads getting between the paved road and the base of that trail where you've got to drive like a half hour on fairly rutted up you know fire roads. The land cruiser was fabulous. You know what. I mean if i lived my life on fire. Roads fucking landcruiser rice sand. You know what. I mean or snow. i wouldn't it wouldn't necessarily be my first choice for real articulation wouldn't be. I really didn't like driving it that much on anything resembling a curvy road. The steering his horrible does it. Feel the engine but demi moore at the old ones though amazing it off roading and articulation. They change stuff. Or i mean i don't know i mean look if i say it's not amazing someone's going to say i'm doing it wrong So okay You know what i mean. So maybe i was doing it wrong. Maybe i didn't put it in exactly the right. Fucking setting or whatever Maybe the fact that. I was trying to make a video while do this should in real time you know. Maybe i didn't stop to think of something. Whatever you know. I had this experience. It is recorded on video. I did my best And the place where. I got where i couldn't proceed if the if it wasn't a sandy articulation it would have preceded it wasn't the articulation that stopped it was a combination of articulation and then not having a good surface on wear the wheel that had gripped was right so that was where ended up with the problem. Okay you know wasn't the end of the world just man i had back up and go this way instead. You know what. I mean. What what tyres dunlop. Something or others remember there. they were dunlop's. But i cannot remember the exact like super knobby or not. They were there were. There were a all terrain all season. They weren't too loud on the highway. I mean the car. It had a nice ride obviously and being a land cruiser. It was exceptionally lexus levels of quality with a toyota badge on it right You get inside and it feels like alexis. It doesn't feel like a toyota It's built on that level that that high end lexus would be built on. The multimedia system is multiple generations behind. You know but there's a lot of utility there's places to store stuff there's places to plug shit in. It's got a third row now i didn't have the That's the heritage. The one you're showing there with the cool wheels. I just had the regular the base one But it's I wouldn't be surprised if all the media photos are heritage. Oh gosh okay This thing had like seven thousand miles on. It was definitely the last landcruiser left in the press. Fleet that white one. They're on the right. Mine was not that Color but that that was basically it. it was the basic one but It i think. It's one thing. If i if i was viewing in the lens of here's a truck from two thousand fourteen with forty thousand miles on it that i'm buying it. You know a bit of a discount and that durability is really going to be the virtue for me Then i think you you can see the value in something like that. Because it's a fucking tank you know what i mean but like to go. Okay this is ninety thousand dollars. Almost you know in twenty one and it's it feels really truckee. You know like even the g wagon has like good steering now. Y- the defender the defender. I think was legitimately better off. Wrote i mean straight up i would. I would go to the mat and say that on the same trail that i was on roughly identical conditions. The defender got up that trail easier than the land. Cruiser way difference between them. The you know the defenders gotta be lighter. I mean the lakers fifty eight hundred pounds. It's got the vendors. Gotta be lighter the defenders way faster like if you drag race. The i had the six cylinder. I think that's four hundred And i liked the defenders steering a lot. Better defenders five thousand pounds eight hundred pounds lighter. That's.

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