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Or medium felt drink racetrack get what gets you going I'm Mike chills ninety five point five W. I'm tell to action is Batala just bread it's with that is most accurate and dependable weather forecast have chance of a few isolated showers early this evening and then dryer air comes in clear this out overnight and by Thursday morning down towards a low of seventy three will be mostly sunny and ninety two tomorrow a few clouds Friday but still dry low seventy two high ninety three ninety three and partly cloudy Saturday just a twenty percent chance of rain I'm tell to action news beat I'll just bread it's ninety five point five WSP WSB stormtracker radar still seeing lots of showers in the metro up in Dunwoody Austell Clarksville Chamblee Johns creek area seventy five degrees on Peachtree street at ninety five point five W. SB and Lana's news and talk this hour of the mark air show brought to you by Publix where shopping is a pleasure Robert Wagner and your listing through that famous anti identified marked Arab back to the show seven thirty seven twenty three in front of a down to seventy five degrees on Peachtree street while we cool down.

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