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First of all I care for my elderly here and I'm concerned about you know infection there the question is will the test when they're available will they die show the symptoms of the disease before presents on some tops now why you so let me say this the you will you will never get a test before symptoms you're gonna have to get a doctor's order even when we get into two thousand and three thousand a day you're gonna have to get a doctor's order in your doctor will order tests without some sort of symptoms up who knows maybe at some point they'll be some internet test but that's not anytime in the foreseeable future but you should be very careful with your aunt and I know they they talk about masks are effective they are effective other people affecting you but they are effective if if you potentially have a disease in so you just gonna have to be really careful because the odds are the corona virus won't be terribly hard I knew but I need a two year old could be put the mask on to keep from infecting someone else not just too and I don't touch the mask with your hands because they said in the mask is dirty on the outside and then you kind of read through to keep your hands off your mouth is there any way to get more masks and some of these basic things it out in mass supplied itself so you don't people were wearing masks to keep from getting the disease and they bought up all the mass and it really has very little value the the mass will catch your water droplets sprang into the air and but they don't really stop the water droplets coming your way so people use them when they didn't have a lot of value and people are trying to make them now when we put some people to work here in Detroit just making surgical masks a lot of people looking for work yeah I I don't know what the mass companies that don't ever looked into that one eight seven seven forty four minutes back to the phone lines better on the Mattel program mayor Duggan your question please where I would love for you to come into any one of the automotive there are twelve people on my team we literally work album to album my partner and I put in the dashboard I did it on one side by partner gets done on the other doesn't get much closer quarters from now I am how about yeah so I don't I don't have the mayor does not have authority to shut down private businesses so that's not something that I've spent any time on that would rest with the governor under state health initiative and so I I I like will react to a but I got to focus on what I can I can do so you're on the Mattel program mayor Duggan so do we lose him when I walked in the door okay we'll go ahead Sir what's your question for the mayor I don't know I just have a comment I'm not possible in fact been prevented it uhhuh and I work at a local area hospital and wait hold on it we are ramping up our testing what testing is only for people who have symptoms right so I guess I'm hearing a lot of questions from people to say Gee I think I was exposed to I want to make sure I'm well that's not a testing it for right yeah we can't say that enough folks who repeated a bunch of times don't try to get a test we just gonna clog up the system if you think you might have it so it you've got to have symptoms in those symptoms are going to end up being coughing a fever severe sore throat or something like that you don't you won't get past the doctor to get you know permission to go get the test and and meanwhile it's like the people calling the cops asking for toilet paper your clock up the system the request it's not going to go through so don't do it let's talk a little bit about economics mayor Duggan in the city of Detroit where were run this big customer come back a lot of that is fueled by and then the population in downtown Detroit you know walking around shopping going to restaurants are very proud of all the restaurants were open what's going to happen is there any form of relief for those businesses you know with the some of them are very young and have don't have in stock pot a lot of money up for savings yet for the handle something yeah we're too early in the process to know that in Seoul in the president's throwing around big numbers out of Washington does that help any of them I know the legislature is trying to figure out what to do and so I just don't know the answer to that right now I I get it I don't know how to describe this and the governor and I are literally eighteen hours a day on the question of how do we keep this personalities of the question earlier call ahead as do you shut down the auto plants are not ever talk to the governor about that today I am sure they're sitting around with their doctors making exactly those calls right now I would say ninety percent of the focus is on slowing the spread of the disease we get three or four weeks down the road I think you have a lot more conversation but I'll give you a simple example match of the city of Detroit gets six hundred thousand dollars a day in taxes from the casinos so when the governor called and said I got a shot the casinos down that's huge money to the Detroit budget I supported her because it was the right thing to do right health wise but but a lot of us have got financial implications are going to have to reckon with right now we're just focused on the health of the residents all right back with more with mayor Duggan eight seven seven forty.

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