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Texans radio network the lead seventeen to three Green Bay lost Aaron Rodgers today with a concussion. They're getting beat up at home by the lions twenty four to nothing. Cowboys have the advantage of the giants. Twenty one to eight team Panthers. Thirty saints nothing for complete scoreboard line. Foxsports dot com. I don't know if you saw this picture is going viral all over the internet. It's actually a photo from September of nineteen forty-three all these people in Cornwall on the beach and just having a great old time. And again, remember the year is nineteen forty three. But in the middle, there's a man in a scruffy Brown suit. And he looks to be if he's pure into a smartphone. And so everybody saying, hey, look at the time traveller, right using mobile phones. Spot in the nineteen forties. All right. That's gonna be a long wait for an Uber ride. Don't you think and you say, ladies and gentlemen, just an example of all the fun facts that we pass along week every week on this. It's America's biggest weekend radio show. We talk about living the best digital lifestyle ever. And you can find us on four hundred top stations from coast to coast and around the globe on armed forces radio. And in case you're wondering why it's called the Kim commando show. Just happened to be Kim commando. Funny. How that works. I had to do a keynote speech this past week in one of the questions that came in from the audience. Could you believe they said first question was commando? It can be your real name. Yes. In fact, it is and the phone lines are open one triple eight eight to five fifty to fifty four is the way to join us once again that toll-free number one triple eight eight to five fifty to fifty four and we go before we go back to all of your phone calls. Some interesting items that crossed my desk in my screen that you need to know about first of which is do you think that Facebook had know anything more about you anything more? I mean free to users Facebook makes us money off of advertising right now. It's one thing to assume that Facebook has a lot of data on us. Another thing to know, exactly. Just how much right when totaled Facebook can classify roughly fifty two thousand traits of each of accusers. Did you? Even realize that you had fifty two thousand traits thing about that fifty two thousand data bit all about you. Let's talk about streaming. I mean, streaming services used to be the way notice I said used to be the way to save money on those expensive cable bills. Well, millennials have signed up for streaming droves. In cutting the cord to these old school, modes of entertainment, the honeymoon appears to be over sixty five percent of all millennials are now streaming, and so guess what they're doing. You're right. They're jacking up.

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