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Investigators in daytona beach florida they're trying to see what caused our roller coaster ride derailed last night on the boardwalk there people were transported here to halifax hospital daytona beach fire department saying that two of those six people were transported as trauma patients emergency crews reported several people falling from a moving roller coaster from thirty four feet high now people on and telling us that two women were rejected from the car and fell off the roller coaster to the ground the staff had to carry them away when this is tell us one of those women seemed out of it the other was hysterically crying w km tv's jennifer ortega reporting cbs news time three fifty one more and more people now have more and more body parts that'll be around even after they are not the american society of plastic surgeons is the number of procedures performed on men rose twenty nine percent between two thousand and last year but number procedures for women up one hundred and twenty seven percent during the same time period last year women accounted for ninety two percent of all plastic surgeries historic birthdays here jazz legend erroll garner was born on this day in one thousand nine hundred twenty one the wife of president andrew jackson first lady rachel jackson born on sdn seventeen sixty seven and well staying back let's go back to fifty three years ago today hacking sixty five and bob dylan began recording like a rolling stone which got played on am radio only after columbia records deliberately put the wrong running time on the record to fool radio stations in a running the old song w cbs news time three fifty two hey you with the renton dog collar between us dogs i just convinced by human upgrade to a new home with a twelve hundred square foot bathroom i think she called it a.

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