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Outbound Clara Barton Parkway remains closed essentially between the chain bridge and cabbage on Parkway as a result of the ongoing investigation traffic inbound or eastbound is able to get by. You can get all the way into the district. Again, if you're coming out of northwest on canal road, you are forced to make the left onto the outbound chamber so if you don't want to go into Virginia, definitely avoid canal road and Clara Barton Parkway Macarthur boulevard or consider river road a good option to get around it. George Washington Parkway better now as well, headed into headed toward the belly and McLean, so that's actually a better option as well. Now up in Damascus, still have the closure of one 24 woodfield road between Moyer road and Hawkins creamery road serious crash involving a pedestrian now under investigation to 70 SAP out headed into the emergency work near I three 70, a delays of just about cleared out there you do have three left lanes getting by and again much better ride now. They have set up the paving project up or up on I 70 in Howard county near Marriott still road that's X 83 should be down to a single right lane getting by also paving in mount airy and Carroll county. I'm 27 ridge road between waters railroad and Harris hill road where they alternate traffic one direction at a time since it works on Virginia still has some volume delays on 95 and stretches and Stafford county and again headed north of the Prince William Parkway toward the aka Kwan, but easing finally southbound side was still a little slow across the aqua club but beyond that, you're in good shape down to Fredericksburg. Visit fit small dot com to find a safe used car Fitzgerald is hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs next to a new car if it's where used car is best, because it fits small dot com today. Rich hunter WTO traffic. Storm team four's Ryan Miller. Plotting up here this evening and through the overnight low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s in the northwestern. Suburbs, and the lower 60s downtown tomorrow, clouds in the morning, a couple of rain showers are possible

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