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All available corner speed and grip and it provides just as many places to get the back end out of shape as it does to lose the front so you have to temper your aggression which is probably why someone like. Cow crutch. slow doesn't consider this to be his favourite british track but it sure is a lot of fun to watch so that's where they're racing this weekend. Now let's talk about the riders particularly the favorites. The people i think have the best shot at competing for a podium and maybe taking the women this one and we're gonna start our favorites list this week with bobbio charro now. Fabio doesn't have a whole lot of moto. Gpa experience at silverstone and that's the theme that's going to carry through to a lot of the writers we talk about buddy goes triple for fabio because on motogp bike race. He's made it through a grand total of one corner that was back in two thousand nineteen and it was that wild crash that saw andrea. Also use fabulous. Bike is a sweet jump which was exciting to watch. but it didn't work out for either of them when it came to more results on. Fob you dig qualified fourth that weekend. And he was fastest an f. p. one f p two f. p. three and warm up the session. He wasn't fast. This was f. p. Four in that when he was second to marquez and that was as a rookie on a satellite petronas spike is a much better writer. Now he's on a much better bike to boot. You then toss in the fact that he's run well every single round the season even in the racist where the results don't make it. Look that way am. Fabio is one of the writers to beat this weekend. That being said it's racist slam dunk. It's essentially for him like learning a new track and however much he doesn't want to think about it the championship is going to start to linger in the back of his mind and that increases the chances that either takes too many risks or too few so even though he's capable of going out there and winning it a lot of factors at play that could prevent him on one side or the other now in exactly the opposite position. The fabio is marquez. Who has absolutely nothing to lose in this race and everything to gain by taking whatever risks are necessary to get on the podium and go after a win. Austria showed us once again. That mark is getting stronger and more capable of running near the front of races round by round and even though things went kinda sideways for him in the rain in the last race he's going to be bringing a lot of confidence into this one especially with another week to rest and recover even further and while this isn't marks best track you kind of have to take that idea in perspective because mark is one of only three riders on the grid to actually one emoji. Gp race at silverstone. He's got three podiums here and he was third in the last race that was run so even quote unquote not as best is still better than pretty much anyone else. So the farther removed. He is from his injury. The more promising he looks. And i can't imagine marquez won't find a way to factor into this race even if arrogant is his next real target because he is absolutely out of this world good when it comes to aragon next ryder up the favorites list joanne mirror. And i'm taking a little bit of a flyer here on. Show him being in the favorites category. But i think i can make the argument We'll start on the bad side. The bad news here is that mere has never raced at silverstone emoji. Gp he was injured in two thousand nineteen. The two thousand eighteen race was cancelled along. With of course the twenty twenty race so the last time that zhou amir raced in silverstone was two thousand seventeen and that was moto three. Not even motoo so. He's a complete unknown. When it comes to the premier class at this track but suzuki is not they have a win. In two of the last three mo- gp races run here with alex. Rinse two thousand. Nineteen and the maverick daniela's in two thousand seventeen and we saw in austria that their new ride height device gave them a big competitive and a big motivational boost particularly for mir. And that's something. He'll be able to utilize again this weekend. I think now wins of course won the last race here but with him. Struggling and mir running really well over the past. Couple of rounds. I'm going to go joanne as zouqi. I'm betting on to make a run at the podium. Come sunday on. Next up on the list. Is jack miller in this is another rider. Who doesn't have a whole lot of history here to build on although it does have a fair amount of wrecks at silverstone Jack's only premier class points finish was an eighth here. It was in the last race was run that was in two thousand nineteen. And he's coming into this one after two shockingly bad results in austria but there are multiple reasons to think that he could break out this weekend. Get back on track and get far better. Finish first and foremost is where jack has run. Well the season his best racists have been harassed lama and catalonia all of which are far closer infield to silverstone than a place like the rebel ring is where he was struggling. A miller spin able to make the dakota handle. And he's going to get the chance to do it again this weekend. And don't forget that a couple of races go couple of british cheese ago andrea co so. Prove that a coty can win at this track and that was a bike that didn't go round corners. Nearly as well as the current one does. So i look for a bounceback from jack in the podium contention and he's going to be super motivated to run well especially considering how austria went because didn't go like he ordered to. Kati wanted it to then. The final rider on my favorite's list this weekend brad bender. And i know you're thinking. Oh you just picked him because he won last weekend and yeah kind of them especially since he got there. More by cunning and rain prowess than by all out speed. But he's also the healthiest casey writer on a bike right now and the one that has the most momentum and the most confidence coming into this round kitty and hasn't really been able to test themselves consistently and silverstone because of all of the schedule interruptions. But they were getting better with paul spago and of course. They've made quite a leap in performance. Since that point so i would be surprised if at least one. Ktm rider if not more than one. Didn't jump up into contention at some point in this race and with bender having podium here motoo to emoto three think he's got a shot to complete that trifecta and collect silverstone podium in the premier class heart so those are the favorites so sorta writers that. I have the best shot of winning coming into this weekend. But they're not the only ones. I'll be keeping my eye out on the next list. The watchlist are guys who i think have a legitimate shot finishing in the top five and maybe making a push for the podium if they have a good day and we'll start out by talking about alex. Rinse the last time that moto. Gp ram at silverstone ruins one in one of the most stunning last corner passes in the motor gp era surprising marc marquez in a drag race to the flag and that should normally would make him one of the favorites coming into this weekend and i struggled with this one because he's kind of on my favorite's list in my mind but i couldn't officially put him there because he's just been stuck in between the season hasn't been qualifying well and then sometimes he does a good job overcoming that poor qualifying moving up and other times he just can't find his way through and the injury few weeks back didn't help matters at all either but with his success here silverstone does present the opportunity for alex rinse to break out of his slump get a season back on the right track so while i do expect better performance out of him. I'm not quite sure if it's going to be enough for the podium yet. I will say this though. Alex if you wanna put on another two thousand nineteen like show for us. I'm all in. Let's get it going. Pick your guy who went to chase down and give us an exciting finish Next up on the list is petco back. Naya back is kind of the opposite case as rinse. He doesn't have much of anything at all. In terms of results to lean on at silverstone just alone podium back in two thousand sixteen in moto three but this season he hasn't struggled at all. I think he's looked excellent. All things considered yeah. There was a little stumbling stereo. But he came back strong in the austrian. Gp looking fantastic in both the dry and the wet showing the best speed of any of the dakotas and now that he's moved himself up the second in the championship. I think petco is going to be ultra motivated to try to make up ground on. Fabio quarrel not an easy task and without those southeast asian rounds to lean on for their advantage..

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