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Hi how you doing jeff feels i dog kisses but those are kisses recently i followed beals as a canvas oneonta beautiful town in the mountains of new york he moved quickly from one port to another the keanae out for bernie sanders stickers on bumpers in windows side though bill says his relationship with the national party went cold progressive groups of jumped into help him a group of former standard staffers the justice democrats and a group of former sanders activists the people for bernie sanders they both endorse beals and those endorsements they serve as kind of shorthand for progressive voters at one house this sweet guy named dana came to the door he had a sanders sticker outside democrat progressive okay well me too me too i've been i've been looking for feels gave his pitch he's a teacher thinks the economy is working against most people medicare for all then he mentioned the justice democrats the endorsement by the former sanders staffers if you're you know a justice democrat than than you've already got my well that's that's you don't need to spend a lot of time here on a number of times that day as for the army of volunteers bills knew he would need to win this kind of campaign did he enlists them bills wouldn't say how many he has but he did say they've not done over forty thousand doors the same number pat ryan the veteran says his campaign is done antonio gatos campaign says they've knocked on fifty thousand so at least by one measure he's keeping up the ryan delgado or both running tv ads feels is not so far nobody's released an objective poll on the race the seven candidates the vote could split some really weird ways everybody agrees someone could win without getting all that much of the vote are you registered democrats or you registered democrats whose whose registered democrat one of the things that probably happen even if beal's doesn't win some candidates like him probably will meaning if democrats get a majority in the house all these disagreements about who they are and what they should be are not gonna go away their majority will be riddled with people who feel like the party is doing things wrong and who have spent the past year like beal's as finding each other that's what beal's is left to do these days now that school's out he starts canvassing around eight am keeps going into a nine at night and every day tells me if more people feel the way that he does national sanders staffers and is one of the producers are show oh you thing program is produced today by zoe chase the people who put together a show today includes ben calhoun

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