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Are a S. E. R. if you have any electrical problems why not give early bird a call six one two the bird early bird electric is the only electricity with the four guarantees let's check out guarantee number three early bird guarantees quality work backed by our lifetime craftsmanship warranty first time customers call now to get a free service call that's a seventy nine dollar value six one two the bird the bird is the word early bird electric six one two the bird Hey it's a Lexus and right now I am loving little house on the prairie remastered on Amazon prime I did have the pleasure of watching as a kid but I love the Ingalls family and there is so much drama on the prairie in one of growth Minnesota in the eighteen seventies and eighties I'm working my way through season one right now and I'm excited to keep going on this harvest rice of family friendship and fun that is what my talks watching everything streaming everything entertainment my top one oh seven one.

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