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Lifeline to help preserve and keep our Orange County businesses supervisor Andrew Doses more businesses will be in danger. With this latest round of shutdowns. The board unanimously approved splitting the money equally between each supervisor for use in their district at their discretion. Some local lawmakers have served up a letter to Governor Newsome over the state's outdoor dining ban. They say it's an unfair punishment on those who have been following the rules. We have nearly two million food service industry workers. In the state of California that need to continue working that have their own bills to pay just like everybody else In California, Republican state Senator Melissa Melendez says the letter asked the governor to reclassify the food service industry so it can get back to work. The letter was delivered over the weekend, and it's signed by 11 senators from both sides of the aisle. No response yet from the governor, Steve Gregory, can if I knew news is brought to you by direct buyers calm the hell a regional food bank has hosted a drive thru food giveaway in Kata Hay. The food banks, David May tells Katie L. A times are tough right now. Our food distribution has increased by about 145% when you compare today to the pre pandemic period, and so we're seeing just dramatic need. Food Bank had enough food boxes that today's event to feed 1800 families for a week. The Food bank is hosting other food drives later this week and review of Federal Election Commission records has found. Top executives and employees of Facebook and Twitter made tens of thousands of dollars in donations to Joe Biden's campaign. Several exacts gave the legal maximum of $2800 well, none donated to President Trump's campaign. The review followed allegations of censorship against the social media sites. We're gonna go to the five in East L A. It's the work zone here and you've got Caltrans crews on scene making away north bound ground exists to that's where they've got the off.

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