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In the election. Authorities do not want to see a repeat of the riot in Washington, D C last week, and the security breach at governor ends these mansion when there's a demonstration. We do not have customers down there, Jonathan SHOW. Cuomo News We drive through vaccination sites are now open in Snohomish County. There are paying field, Edmund's Community College and Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe. Remember, you do have to have an appointment. Though Mass vaccination sites are also in the works, and Pierce County health leaders there want three drive up sites as well as mobile units that would visit Nursing homes and similar locations. North Bend has the highest positive covert test rate in King County. This Equality Valley record reports that over the past few weeks there were 58 new cases with a 25% positive test rate. That right is more than double the King County rate of 10%. The President elect's proposed plan to ramp up vaccinations as health experts in our state feeling hopeful that we could soon get more shots into more arms. Como's Nick Pompom reports. We'll get through it together. The president elect says the pandemic could get worse before it gets better. The vaccine role on the United States has been a dismal failure thus far, but Biden says that could change with the introduction of this five point plan. That includes having the federal government fund 100 large vaccine sites and allowing folks 65 up to get the shot will impact all of us father to be the country and every state. Dr. Ali Meqdad with you, Dubs Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, says the biggest problems so far in this vaccination process is not having a cohesive plan at the federal level. I'm expecting All of the problems that we have seen so far will be solved immediately soon, and the solutions are crucial as less than a third of the vaccines that have been sent out to our state have been putting people's arms. No problem. Come on news We've heard from the FBI about state capitals being the targets of potential violence in coming days. But there are a whole bunch of soft targets, as they're called, were security tends to be in a minimum or non existent. Home was Matt Markovich talkto law enforcement experts, including Kurt Boyle of the Washington State Fusion Center, The state's fusion intelligence gathering center is working to get accurate information out about all potential targets to back that information to make sure it's not misinformation or disinformation and making sure that it's credible information. They're not going to tell the citizens Specifically where there were. Those targets are unless it's a zoo. Immediate threat. Oh, someone else someone's personal life of property. Law enforcement. Veterans of few, too, says the average system needs to practice situational awareness. What seems normal for the area? What seems abnormal for the area and if something doesn't look right? Tell somebody and get out of the area. Trust your gun and be vigilant. That's the word going out to the public. Matt Markovich come. Oh news, recently replaced window at the Seattle Police East Precinct was damaged in a protest Thursday night, police say about 30. People started at Cal Anderson Park and then moved to the precinct, where they used chalk to draw on the balls outside the building. Some people in the crowd through items at the precinct cracking the window. Two people were arrested. And with the turmoil created by the pandemic, the U. S Capitol riot and the impending departure of Donald Trump. People already worn down by covert 19 fatigues are feeling even more anxious. Co Moh Suzanne Font talk to an expert about when to seek professional help. Tons and tons of calls. I've been getting from people seeking treatment for the very first time clinical psychologist Dr Meiling Dong is among the mental health providers inundated with patients seeking treatment. The level of calls that I get from people seeking treatment is more than I've ever seen in my entire career. For some people, the social isolation and the stresses of living with covert 19 have been a huge factor. And now seeing what's happening in the news in our nation's capital and our own capital is compounding the stress and uncertainty for some people. Let's go, Mo Suzanne found reporting coma News Time is 3 10 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk.

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