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It out. You've been warned, though. We are radio people, not TV people. So you've been warned. I was just telling Dave man during the break. It just made me think of it because I think in a way, you know the kiddos going back to school right now and just all this different stuff today. Of course, I walk Stone down to the To the bus stop and you're standing There is right before his bus comes and I'm like, dude, Where is your mask? He's like, Oh, it's in the room. I'm like so, like, run back, get his mask. I go tell your bus driver. I'm getting the mask. So then I see is, of course, I flipped in turnaround is I'm running in the house and the bus is pulling up to where he's at. I'm like, man. So I run upstairs, Grab his mask and the bus driver stops in front of our house. So let us you know, as I can handle the mask or whatever. But I was just like, Wow. And then it made me think like about a year and a half ago. They didn't know I was in the other room and I could hear them. But my daughter is talking to stone. And she's like, Stop doing that. You want dad to bring the darkness like I'm in the other room going? I'm glad to think that my kids think of me like that. That's good. He wantedto had to bring the dark going to remember that one we're gonna use. They're gonna turn that one back on year around here. The darkness. You want Dad to bring the dark. You want blazer to bring the dark. Stop doing what you're doing. What did you say? You're like It's like you're a sorcerer something? Yes, but you can't just make stuff happen, right? You got a scepter in your hand. The wind just starts whipping up and you can conjure you can conjure thee Alright. Hey, is the hardest working investigative reporter in the business? I speak of Jack Windsor from Wftv TV, also managing editor with the Ohio Star and you go to the Ohio star dot com. And check that out. But Jack Windsor, Jack, What's up, brother? How was your? How was your Labor Day weekend? Hopefully you've got some time off. You work all the time, though, man. Hello, Darkness, My old friend. Exactly Perfect. Exactly Okay. Yeah, I got a little bit of rest. But I was busy against stories done, but yeah, I got to take some time off. It's great to be with you all. Thank you. Absolutely, man. So interesting that the governor Josh and I both look at each other today. When the governor goes before we go toe Lieutenant Governor Houston. I have to address something that's been on the Internet and there's a lot of stuff on there. But I have to, You know, address this one and the FEMA camps is what he started talking about. And addressing. And Josh and I both looked at each other and went, Jack. You know, like that was one of the things that you you put out there, and I don't I know that maybe, and I don't know how far back it goes, or if you It was something that you know you. You come up with a lot of your own theories, and I don't know if it's something that is kind of piggybacked on something else or whatever. All I know is that the governor specifically address that And felt the need to do so. What are your thoughts On? First of all a FEMA camp? The governor was saying that the government cannot take if let's say your kids at school. And they are Tested for Cove it at school, which I don't even know that they have the ability to do that yet on dime, talking about grade school or middle or high school K through 12, and if they do that in your kid test positive There were thoughts that they could keep your kid in a you were basically calling it a FEMA camp correct. Right? Yeah. So let me go. Let me backtrack Thursday of last week when I asked that question, and that question was asked because we received notice that there was a new order. Oftentimes the governor's office will put out a press release indicating that an order has been assigned to review it. So I got that order and I took a look at it and I had a couple of people reach out and go. Wait a minute. Uh, this mean, and so hence the question I asked on Thursday is the supply to all Ohioans. And it indicates in the order that if a home is deemed unsafe that a non congregate shelter is the alternative. And that decision can be made by local officials. So what gives? Who does this apply to what one of the determinants figure out of a home and say, And do you have authority to take? People out of their homes. And if you remember back on Thursday, he said, Well, I get an answer on that. But my impression is that's a decision that someone would make on their own. And then they could voluntarily go well, the way that we read it in the way that attorneys read it was that actually, the state could have the authority to do that. So we wrote a story And that story simply covered the question the governor's answer and then the dialogue back and forth between the governor's press secretary in the Ohio Department of Health Press secretary Now, after that, two or three other stories were released and bolted onto those stories or some CDC guidelines for kids staying overnight in schools, things of that nature, and it really did kind of spin out into you know. Huge fire fear about all right, or they come and take our kids, and I think that's what he was addressing today after the press talk across secretary and he said, I want you to know that we know that it wasn't your story, and I said Okay, well, good. But it was already too late. I have another reporter called me to try to get quotes on a story that she's working on because I think a lot of people in the press corps thinks that I was the guy out there shaking, you know the conspiracy bushes. Trying to conjure up well on and you know for him to to add Ah, dad some clarity. If I could use that term, which is not a term, you use a lot. It seems like when he is involved, and there are and he's talking about different things. You know, to hear that today the the way that he framed it. It did feel like maybe that was a stretch. But guess what? I mean, you can't really leave a lot of stones unturned and eh, That's his own doing that is self inflicted. So if he's going to stand up there and go Well, these people are crazy. Well, you're making him that way would be my reply to that. You know, I mean, especially in this cover of night or these these overnight things that get signed, and it's too secret advanced, like whoa. Why are you doing it in the manner in which you're doing? It because that's what's making people cock an eyebrow at just about everything you do now. And a lot of people are flinching. Ah, and they're they're you know, they're Ah, rightfully so I would say. Yeah, There are two things that are bothersome about it..

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