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Great senior. But let's start with this on the Amari Cooper deal. What is Jon Gruden telling you telling I telling the football world moving MAC moving Amari Cooper. What are you telling us? Tell us about his roster. And he said to me in August. He said what he found in January when he got there was gutted they didn't feel like they weren't a position to contend for a championship right now. And so I think we need to stop looking at the raiders in the context of twenty eighteen because they're looking at the at themselves in the context of twenty twenty. And so if you can do that, then you start to look at coil MAC differently. You start to look at Amari Cooper differently, logistically, they just weren't going to give back the guaranteed money that he wanted. And so by definition, he wasn't going to be there in two thousand twenty and they liked Amari Cooper. They just don't like him at what he's going to cost in a year or two. He of course, it's going to cost fourteen million dollars in that option next year. And then you put him out on the free agent market before the twenty twenty season, and he's bound to make sixteen eighteen million dollars just based on his drafted as you can see that. And what Sammy Watkins got last off season. And so I think that Jon Gruden arrived there feeling like the team you to go through a full rebuild. And so when. He looks at some players as roster that have some trade value and says this guy probably isn't going to be here in a couple years. You can understand why that would motivate and to see what he gets those guys. And clearly you've got a lot of value for both. Now, I think all of us believe we would like the Amari Cooper deal for Dallas for a third rounder. We'd love it for a second round where we'd be more comfortable, but the Seahawks dynasty didn't have a first round pick for three years right in the middle of it. The Rams did never first or second this year. A lot of good teams. Kansas city. Philadelphia. Didn't at first round picks this year, you can win a lot of games. If you feel that like, for instance, the Cowboys I don't think they have a ton of needs. But they have a huge need it wide receiver in the NFL in two thousand eighteen so I'm okay with the move. But. Amari cooper. There's a real divide here on he's not the player. We thought what are your sources and scouts say about him is up player. Okay. So his character was Queen coming out of Alabama hard worker program guy, all that different stuff. He gets to Oakland is I two years or the guy there named Bill moss. Gravy offense in two thousand fifteen sixteen. This guy is tough to play four Colin just like Nick Sabin and Amari Cooper in that environment. Purdue's? Moscow gets fired after twenty sixteen. What happened? Well, I think in that building in general and this hit their cars. Well, a little bit of substitute teacher backed on everyone there. And I think there were some problems with Amari Cooper, work habits, and the hulk was bring bringing Jon Gruden at that would change in twenty eighteen and they have seen a little difference. It's just not it's just not consistent. And so the work habit issue existed there in twenty seventeen it came back in two thousand eighteen in and out a little bit. They've been in and out with his practice performance in a fourth. Now, you see the inconsistency in game action as a result. And so the hope here for Dallas isn't the change of scenery is going to help him. They're very aware of all this. They've got a guy in their building in Douglas Meyer who was his offense coordinator, Alabama. They've got they've got some good recon there on who. He is the person he's not a bad guy. Nobody would ever tell you that Amar is a bad guy. But his work habits have been an issue over the course of the last two years and the hope now in Dallas is that as a twenty four year old receiver being traded. We'll make the light turn on and he'll go back to being the type of player that he wants to years ago. Let me throw this at you. The bears were aggressive with Khalil Mack. The lions are aggressive with snacks Harrison the Vikings were aggressive with Kirk cousins. And here's Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers and nine and a half point dog to the Rams Vegas is telling you they don't have good players. Are you do you think don't make a move at the deadline? Are you surprise at their kind of passive nature as everybody in their divisions? Going hyper aggressive. I wouldn't rule it out. I mean, I I think one thing you you gotta remember there's been a frustration for Aaron Rodgers over the last few years. They didn't feel like they had been aggressive historically, bringing in veteran players that was under Ted Thompson. Now, they've got new general. Manager in there. Brian Guna Funke came up in that system has by reputation a little bit more of an aggressive streak to him. And you see the way he moved up and down the draft for now. Of course, they pick up the extra first round pick for twenty nine hundred nine capital. They're very aggressive and moving up and down the trap Ford on draft. And they did bring in some veteran players this year. They brought in Jimmy Graham, they brought in Muhammad Wilkerson. And so there was some aggression during the off season. I would not rule out the Packers doing something between now. And next Tuesday. I'm not saying it's going to happen. I'm just saying that organizationally. There are a lot more open to that sort of thing. Now that Brian is in charge, and again, maybe it doesn't manifest over the next week or so, but I think you will see it over the next couple of years how the Packers operate as Aaron Rodgers moved into his life. Thirty I've been asking everybody that comes on the show about Latvian bell. Could I make the argument they're going to get a superstar component to an already? Good offense with fresh legs, no miles on. On the tires, and it's all gonna work out fine and Connor will be a backup. And he is exactly what takes them over a Kansas City over a New England that in a weird way, this is all gonna work out for the Steelers worked out for everybody. I mean, I I I honestly do. What we have to move the money part of it out because I don't think it was smart for love EON bell to pass up money and not going to be coming back. I don't think there's this huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow warm either. But if you look at it logistically now what this looks like for the rest of the year. Yeah. I mean, they know what James tonner is. Now, they probably wouldn't have this amount of volume of answers on what he is a player if love EON bell had reported on time and the flip side from lobby on bell standpoint. What's is concerned in the last two months? It's concern over the last two months was he's gonna put more mileage on his body at the running back position. That's a tough thing to do when you're playing for a contract. What happens now while he steps back in there? And obviously they can use them in a million different ways. Or they can also spell him. He can be part of a platoon. They know that James Connor can help them be a little bit more dangerous than bury their attack a little bit more so bell. I think it's a save some miles on his body going forward to in addition to what he's already saved because they know how to use honor now and again for the Steelers, adding another. A weapon to an already very good offense. This learn to play without him pensively. They're going to be great the bigger questions for for the Steelers, of course, calling or were they have been over the last five years which. By the way, just throw this at you. People are saying ou the eagles are interested. Well, wait a minute. The one thing the eagles wouldn't have an a trade that the Steelers need is secondary help. And right now the eagles have one guy they trust in the secondary. I don't buy the eagle thing. Because what Pittsburgh does well as rush the passer? Okay. Philadelphia's got surplus of that but nothing else defensively, and I don't think I don't think the running back position as a priority right now for the they might not pick up someone with amid round pick. But but historically, they don't value running backs at that level. They like that they like volume at running back, but they don't I historically again. They don't go all in on running back internally. I'm just telling you, they do not view running back as their top need right now. Their biggest problems are at offensive tackle. Which that is what it is that those positions. They've invested in lane Johnson Jason Peters. Those guys aren't performing to the level of their contract. Issues at receiver of the big place writing. They could make a move isn't that secondary? Yeah. The other round Ronald Darby haven't played new level. They thought they would Rodney foul got hurt at safety. And so the eagles are gonna make a move. I know it's, you know, bell. Look the shiny thing out there. They're gonna make a move. I think it comes in the secondary. This is why we bring him on. He's got great information. Incredible contacts at 'em QB lead content guy senior NFL reporter, trust his words. He's always right. Albert breyer. Guitar. Can you bud? All right. Thanks, don. By the way. Luke Walton had trouble get to that in a second. Yikes. I don't buy. He shouldn't be a joy Taylor with the news..

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